Price quotes in the Bitrix24 CRM: flexibility and convenience

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Vlad Kovalskiy
June 10, 2014
Last updated: July 4, 2019
Price quotes in the Bitrix24 CRM: flexibility and convenience

Please read our Helpdesk article which contains the most updated information about quotes in Bitrix24.

The Bitrix CRM now has price quotes – a document convenient for formalizing the conditions of purchase for the client, and mandatory when dealing with any organization that uses purchase orders as the preferred payment method.

Quotes are a separate CRM entity and are another important step toward accommodating a truly comprehensive sales cycle. Creating and sending out sales quotes to clients is usually the last step before receiving payment and invoicing.


Creating a quote can be done from the main CRM menu, the Quote list, or from within a CRM object (Contact, Company, or Deal).

You can create a quote and send it CRM clients via email, download it as a PDF, or print it.


Your logo, stamp, signature, and custom fields can all included in the printed form of the quote by configuring them in the CRM settings (CRM -> Settings -> Payment and invoices).


Over the course of finalizing a deal, several quotes may be sent to the client, and once a quote is confirmed by the client, it is very simple to create an invoice based on that quote. All data from the quote is automatically transferred to the invoice, so no repetitive data entry is required.


The new document is presented in an adaptable interface, and now you can create your own custom fields during the creation process as well as exclude unneeded fields. Further, a CRM administrator can create a new quote form and make it available to all employees.


At this point, this new interface is available only in the quotes form, but we plan to utilize it in other CRM entities in upcoming versions.

The product table is an important element in this document. Now you can not only choose a product from the catalog, but also create a new product which will be saved only inside this quote – meaning that you have the flexibility to create a unique item and put it in the quote without having to add it to the catalog. So, for example, you can use an additional row in the quote to indicate delivery charges or package and handling.


This table allows you to apply a discount on a particular item and to show taxes; the prices and totals are calculated dynamically.

If you are working with an “Item-dependent tax (VAT)”, then the tax on an item can be applied either on the entire document (all items in the quote), or you can turn it off for selected items. Options for applying tax rates to separate items within a single quote are configured on the tax page in the section: CRM -> Settings -> Taxes.


Aside from this, there are now settings for product units (CRM -> Settings -> Units of measurement), as well as the capability to use partial units.


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