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Twilio SMS to CRM
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This module will connect your Bitrix24 CRM and Twilio accounts, and enable you to receive incoming messages to your CRM.

How it works:

The module searches for a Bitrix24 entity (deal or contact) for each incoming SMS. It saves the SMS to the entity and posts the message to the activity stream. The person(s) responsible for the deal/ contact are also notified immediately of the SMS.


  • Multiplayer - If you have multiple Twilio numbers, you can see exactly which of your Twilio numbers received an SMS from your clients!

  • The module can find previously saved customer numbers in any form! If you previously saved a CRM contact as 111222333444, but in reality, the number is (111) 222-333 44-4, Twilio SMS to CRM app will find this contact and notify you that the incoming message is from an already saved number.

  • You can choose what entity to save an unknown number as - a Contact or Lead and what users in Bitrix24 should be notified of Incoming SMS from unknown numbers (numbers not previously saved in Bitrix24)

  • MMS support - You can now receive Image, audio and video files in your Bitrix24. There are over 1000 supported file types.

You can read more on our website.

We offer FULL 7 DAYS FREE unlimited access on installation, after which you have to make a purchase.

Link to register Bitrix24 with a pre-installed module

The module costs $270 or €247. This is a one-time payment. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

You can also gain FULL ACCESS by SUBSCRIBING monthly with just $20 or €17.

For more enquiries and to purchase the module, please send an email to

Version 3
Update! Numbers standardization in module "Twilio SMS to CRM"

Version 2

Version 1
Get incoming SMS from Twilio into your CRM

For any questions please send E-mail to
  1. Install the application
  2. Go to Twilio website
  3. Set up incoming message webhook with link:<YOUR PERSONAL CODE> (you will get your code after installation)