Real Estate Installment Tracking

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Real Estate Installment Tracking
in-app purchases
Our software where you can track real estate installments.

What operations do:
You can create your installments according to your dates.
Creates task & calendar in Bitrix24 for your installments.
It opens an installment calendar for you and makes it easier for you to track all your installments.
It helps you choose notifications for your manager and employees.
It makes it easy for you to create installments for your task and schedule found in Bitrix24.

Once the app is installed, you can find it in Deals and in the Leads list.
  • Upper menu item in the Lead details tab
  • Lead activity menu item
  • Upper menu item in the Deals details
  • Deal activity menu item
  • Upper menu item in the Contact details
  • Contact activity menu item
After clicking on the menus, you can start defining your installments.

There is 1 package.

1.) Professional package - 1 YEAR / 250USD

There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

Please install the app to get more information and purchase the module.

Version 1
It is an application where you can follow the installments of your real estate.

If you need assistance please contact us at:
  • You can access the application here.

  • After our application is opened, you can add Installments with Add New.

  • Add the information from the installment add screen by filling in the information.

You can start using it.