Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics integration

B242GA allows you to take advantage of the Google Analytics capabilities in analyzing Bitrix24 transactions and leads.

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Why do you need an application and what advantages it has over the existing Bitrix functionality.
The B242GA is used to build complete end-to-end analytics.

The main differences from the built-in Bitrix24 analytics are:
  1. analytics is based on Google Analytics
  2. implemented dynamic email and colltracing as opposed to static in Bitrix 24
  3. data about the profile of the user who has made the conversion (closing the transaction) - gender, age, interests, geodata, etc.

1. The application, unlike the built-in Bitrix24 analytics, implements dynamic email and collitracking:
  • using static tracking in Bitrix24 you can analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns only up to the channel level t what ads and keywords, user profiles have given conversion through a call or letter, and what do not bring benefits and they should be removed to optimize the budget - it remains only to guess
  • B242GA will provide Google Analytics with keyword performance and user profile information on all channels, including email and calls
  • Phone number packs can be used to call B242GA
2. With the app, you can optimize your advertising campaigns based on user profile performance data
  • it will be possible to segment the audience on the basis of the data of the profile of the user who made the conversion action and more precisely target the ads
3. With the app, you can send data to Google Analytics about events that occurred with user requests/orders to CRM Bitrix24:
  • to each stage of the lead/deal you will be able to link the event in Google Analytics
  • when the conversion stage is reached, the conversion information will be automatically sent to Google Analytics - the amount, the composition of the transaction, the currency
4.  The "box" application supports Bitrix CRM forms and all chat Bitrix widget - all calls and their outcome (for example, transaction closure) through these channels will be recorded in Google Analytics and custom reports

You can find more information on the website
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