On-Premise Edition Upgrades

If you require installation or customization services, please feel free
to purchase Bitrix24 from your local Bitrix24 Partner
Edition Upgrade Price
Bitrix24.CRM to Business 50 Upgrade $1.500 Buy
Business 50 to Business 100 Upgrade $2.000 Buy
Business 100 to Business 250 Upgrade $4.000 Buy
Business 250 to Business 500 Upgrade $6.000 Buy
Business 500 to Enterprise 1000 Upgrade $10.000 Buy
Enterprise 1000 to Enterprise Unlimited Upgrade $35.000 Buy

Upgrades are allowed only with an active maintenance subscription.

For more upgrade options, please get in touch with
your local Bitrix24 Partner or Bitrix Sales Department - sales@bitrix24.com
are already using Bitrix24