HR Management System
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30+ tools, incl. free CRM
Transform the way you manage your team
Bitrix24 is designed to be fully integrated into your business processes and help you make the right decisions in the HR department.
Find, evaluate, and hire the right people using the resume database. Schedule interviews and score candidates easily.
HR forms & records management
Reduce workload and streamline HR management workflow with customizable HR forms and automated business processes.
Payroll & work time management
Track working hours via online time clock. Navigate easily thru multiple pay rates. Ensure accurate payments & tax calculations for every pay period.
Culture & engagement
Onboard new employees, encourage informal interactions, and champion culture with our social intranet system featuring likes, comments, badges, and more.
People data & analytics
Analyze HR data and do performance reviews to see how your employees’ performance is impacting your business.
Ideal for remote work
Communicate with your team via chats or video calls, work with documents and projects, use online time clock to start/stop your working day + more tools for online collaboration.
Search, accumulate and store all candidate data in one place. Use scoring to reduce bias and ensure the right hire. Keep your employees informed about professional and career growth opportunities available in your company.
Online job interviews via Bitrix24 HD video calls and conferences
Built-in tools for applicant pre-screening and scoring
Internal job board listing current job openings in your company
HR forms & records management
Get rid of bureaucratic, multi-step approval processes by implementing Bitrix24 robotic process automation. Let the machines do all the hard work and focus on what’s really important - people.
Automation of routine HR processes (leave request, business trip, etc.)
Customizable HR forms (transfer requests, training request, grievances, etc.)
A single online storage for all your HR records, with customizable access permissions
Payroll & work time management
Generate salary slips and manage leaves effortlessly. Pay your employees on time and accurately with our simple, self-service time tracking.
Track working hours and manage shifts via time clock from smartphone or desktop
Calculate wages, bonuses, and taxes using our third-party integrated solutions
Manage paid time off, sick leaves and absences easily
Culture & engagement
Encourage social interactions within your team in a natural way tied in with their work. Stimulate employee engagement and drive organizational growth using our communication tools.
Activity stream/social intranet with chats, posts, comments, shares, and likes
Appreciation badges, congratulations, and peer praise
Online knowledge base, eLearning/training system, and Idea Management
People data & analytics
Analyze your HR data to get insights and provide career growth opportunities for your top-performing employees.
Easy and intuitive employee performance reporting & KPIs
Centralized searchable employee directory for quick access to any employee data
Staff changes/employee timeline to reflect all the staff changes in the company
Optimized for remote work
With Bitrix24, you and your team can easily switch to remote work and stay that way for as long as you need with zero compromises to your efficiency and productivity. Use our mobile app to work on the go and always stay updated on any recent activity via notifications.
Communicate with your team via chat, video calls, or video conferences (up to 24 participants)
Manage working hours, breaks, and PTO remotely using an online time clock
Store and manage your documents and files inside the Bitrix24 cloud storage, with customizable access permissions
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"Initially, I was skeptical about using a CRM for my firm because we never really experienced the need in one - until we decided to try Bitrix24, just a free 30-day demo. One month was enough to realize how helpful it can be. I guess, the real clincher for us was the all-in-one factor - with Bitrix24, we don’t have to use any other services or apps anymore. It’s got all we need."

Elizabeth Simms, Optima Talent Group
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