Dominik Groebler

Dominik Groebler

CEO, Immoveo Ltd.

"From the very beginning we were amazed by the combination of many useful features Bitrix24 has to offer. We use Bitrix24 in the fields of project management, CRM, and internal company communication."

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When our startup Immoveo GmbH was founded in August 2015 we spent some time to find the right type of software to meet our requirements.

Nowadays there is a specific IT solution for each area in which the company is operating. The choice of software is crucial. Once you migrate your data and learn how to use your software, the decision to change it will cause not only the loss of money, but what is more importantly, the loss of time. That’s why finding the right type of software that would grow with our company was so important to us.

After researching the market and trying out several options, we ended up with Bitrix24. Other solutions didn’t meet up to our expectations: either essential functions were missing, we did not like the design or the price was prohibitive.

Free Bitrix24 plan gave us access to key business tools in the early days of our business, which helped us tremendously in building and managing the company.

From the very beginning we were amazed by the combination of many useful features Bitrix24 has to offer. We use Bitrix24 in the fields of project management, CRM, and internal company communication.

The CRM facilitates our communication with prospects, clients, partners, and suppliers. Whereas, the chat and the video chat along with project management tools help with internal company communication. Some of our team members work from home or while traveling, that’s why these tools are crucial for the management of our startup.

We also use the Bitrix24 apps as they allow us to keep an eye on our CRM and project management and make us available for chats on the go.

Bitrix24 has many advantages, but during approximately eight months that we have been using it we really enjoyed regular updates, new features and improvements. It shows that the company listens to the customers’ feedback and tries to improve.

About Us

Immoveo is a full-service real estate management company. The platform we developed for our clients is designed to provide 100% transparency of the capital investment. We take care of business as well as technical aspects of managing residential rentals. Our focus is on the economical optimization of the property. With our clients’ best interest in mind, we proactively develop suggestions and concepts for their real estate.

We offer our clients services and additional software in a single package. The software has been developed not only in close cooperation with experienced real estate investors and property managers, but it is also constantly improved by our practical experience and input from our customers.

The Immoveo mobile and desktop app allows clients to have all the information about their real estate available, including real-time updates on finances, repairs, maintenance, contracts, and tenants.

Even the customers of our clients, the tenants, enjoy the benefits of Immoveo. The tenants also have access to the mobile and desktop apps where they can find contracts, cost of amenities, and other information. Additionally, tenants can use the apps to access other renting services. Among those are automatic switching service for electricity and gas tariffs or information on how to book a move.

The improved communication and increased transparency coupled with complete data security on German servers lead to satisfied tenants and well-managed properties. As a full-service real estate company, we take care of everything including the real estate of our clients. Our clients can live with no troubles at least when it comes to the real-estate ownership. Your real estate is in safe hands with us.

You can find out more about us on our Website. If you are interested in Immoveo and our services, you can contact us anytime. We are happy to be of service!

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