Free Office Productivity Tools

Free Office Productivity Tools

Looking for free productivity tools? Bitrix24 has been called best free office productivity software suite for a good reason - over 35 tools, ready to be used in 30 seconds that won't cost you a penny. Todos, tasks, projects, work chat, video conferencing, client management, document management, business process automation, company intranet, org chart - and that's just a beginning. Importantly, Bitrix24 is available both in cloud and as self hosted software with open source code that you can modify as necessary.
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  • Basic features

    • Unlimited free users
    • 35+ productivity tools
    • Tasks, projects, todos
    • Document and file sharing
    • Client management
    • Workflow automation
    • Mobile productivity
    • Source code
    • API, apps, marketplace
    Online productivity tools
  • Social productivity

    Bitrix24 is a social productivity platform. What does it mean? It means that all of the communication, collaboration and productivity tools that you usually use in your office are built around private social network that make discussing ideas and collaborating on projects with your co-workers easy. Make a post, create a workgroup, schedule a meeting, work on documents, delegate a task, put in requests directly from inside your free Bitrix24 account. Learn more

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  • Client management

    • Client database (CRM)
    • Product catalog
    • Quotes
    • Invoices
    • Email marketing
    • Call center
    • More
    Best productivity tools
  • Tasks & Projects

    • Task and subtasks
    • Projects (workgroups)
    • Checklists
    • Task templates
    • Repeating tasks
    • Task reports
    • More
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  • Files & Documents

    • Cloud file server
    • Online/offline editing
    • Multiuser editing
    • Version history
    • X-device syncing
    • Flexible access rights
    • Bitrix24.Drive
    • Dropbox/OneDrive/Google
    • More
    Free productivity tools document management
  • Calendars & Planning

    Personal calendars, team calendars, workgroup calendars, public calendars, private calendars, absence calendars, daily planner, event scheduler - Bitrix24 has got it all. As long as your time zone settings on your computer or mobile device are set up correctly, you'll never have any mix ups or have to convert time. Two way synchronization with Google and Outlook calendars is supported. More

    Free productivity tools calendars
  • HR Tools

    • Employee directory
    • Org chart
    • Employee self service
    • Leave requests
    • Time management
    • Absence calendar
    • Training and manuals
    • More
    Free HR productivity tools
  • Mobile productivity

    • Mobile intranet
    • Mobile collaboration
    • Mobile documents
    • Mobile CRM
    • Mobile tasks
    • Mobile workflows
    • More
    Free mobile productivity tools
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