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Bitrix24 is ready to present you with more than 35 integrated tools to make company gatherings a smooth sail. Enjoy a variety of templates for meeting agenda. Plus, scheduling and planning features will ensure that everyone will be prepared and nothing will be left unattended.

Bitrix24 Is an Effective Way to Manage Your Meetings

Every responsible executive has at least one working template for a business meeting agenda. Surely, these events require plenty of efforts and exert a lot of pressure on those who are in charge.

Enjoy a variety of templates for meeting agenda. Plus, scheduling and planning features will ensure that everyone will be prepared and nothing will be left unattended. Instruments for analysis and communication will be irreplaceable in assessing the current state of affairs. Alongside advanced reporting capabilities, HR and CRM tools allow obtaining data on everyone's KPI. Design projects and set up goals, motivate and support people, do everything in your power to stay confident that your company is moving in the right direction with a broad set of solutions for management and collaboration.

12 million organizations already use Bitrix24 software to successfully manage their meeting agenda. You can register and join this community of happy teams now with a few clicks.

The Bitrix24 standard package of solutions for business meeting agenda is free. But if you're looking for enhanced capabilities, you should check premium offers or additional features. On the Bitrix24 pricing page, you can find the available plans and choose the one that fits your demands the most.

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  • Choose from a variety of business meeting agenda templates or even create one from scratch so that it will completely fulfill your requirements.

  • Appreciate the functionality comparable with Google Docs, so you could design, edit, adjust, import, export, and transform your plan in any way you like.

  • You can make your meeting agenda brief or detailed. Fill it with the necessary information, such as tasks, people in charge, and deadlines. Customize elements as you like and mark the assignments as "complete" even during the session.

  • Book venues, order supplies, send invitations, share documents, grant access rights and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that everything is in order.

  • Shared calendars with reminders and notifications together with a company news feed with announcements help people to keep all the relevant information in mind and make it redundant to regularly check on them.

  • Intranet and Extranet accessibility means that the list of participants is not limited to the company members. Customers, partners, and contractors can also join the session.

  • Synchronization of the applications (and MS Outlook/Google calendars if needed) guarantees that the attendants can keep up with changes, even if they are made at the last minute.


  • The ability to access the previous meetings' records makes it much more convenient to study the issues that were left unresolved and address them in the current session.

  • Generate reports, analyze the company's progress with checklists, dashboards, Kanban boards, or Gantt charts. Make calculations, evaluate the spending of time, funds, and other resources.

  • Moving forward with the company's strategy implies assigning new tasks, creating innovative projects, delegating responsibilities, planning budget and establishing time limits. With Bitrix24 software, you can do it directly in the conference room.

  • Meeting agenda should also contain time slots and means to allow attendants to get engaged in discussions, provide each other with constructive feedback, and share their achievements. Bitrix24 communication tools present them with the opportunity to actively participate through chats, video/audio calls, conferences, likes, comments, emojis, and badges of approval. Plus, due to synchronization capabilities, everyone can keep up with the speakers effortlessly.


  • When you develop a meeting agenda, you should remember that your work doesn't end as soon as the event is over. Recap is a vital part of the session because otherwise misunderstandings, confusion, and delays are inevitable.

  • With Bitrix24 software, you can make sure that the people in charge know their assignments, have access to the files and documents required to complete the tasks, and are ready to work efficiently.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Cloud or self-hosted
  • Intranet and extranet
  • Full time, part-time, freelancers
  • HRIS and HRMS included
  • Absence management
  • Mobile, source code access, API

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Unlimited Tasks and Projects

  • Free unlimited client base
  • Leads, Contacts, Companies, Deals
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Websites templates
  • CRM forms
  • Live chat 24/7
  • Multichannel communications

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Remote Collaboration

  • Knowledge management
  • Company structure
  • HR tools
  • Project and workgroups
  • Document sharing and processing
  • Configurable access permissions (creation, editing, viewing, publishing)
  • Clocking in/out, time management
  • Unlimited free task management
  • Workload management
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Learn more

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