Employee engagement software

Employee engagement software

Bitrix24 is world's most popular employee engagement software platform, and there is a good reason for it (hint - it's not just because Bitrix24 is free). First, it comes with important gamification elements, like badges, likes or company pulse. Second, it's social, which fosters the spirit of collaboration and grassroot connections. Also, unlike most employee engagement tools, Bitrix24 comes with instruments that employees use on a regular basis, like tasks, time management or documents. Finally, Bitrix24 also doubles as human resources information system, complete with company directory, org chart, vacation approval requests and so on.
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  • Basic features

    • Unlimited free users
    • Cloud or self hosted
    • Social Engagement
    • Gamification
    • Employee monitoring
    • Classic HR tools
    • Mobile HR (iOS and Android)
    • API & open source code
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  • Social Collaboration

    Enterprise social network is at the heart of Bitrix24. It is used to post updates, company news, brainstorming or polling employees. Likes, tags, following, badges (awards), mentions and other familiar social network attributes are all present. Importantly, Bitrix24 follows your company structure login and strict access rights, so you can be confident that important information is visible only to those who are supposed to see it inside your company or department.

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  • Company Pulse

    You can think of Company Pulse as your company engage-o-meter. With a single glance you’ll be able to see which employees are engaged and which ones aren't. Who's struggling and who's overperforming. Critically, you'll be able to see which work tools a particular employee uses or doesn't. After identifying underperformers or employees with low engagement, account administrators can create special posts addressing these issues and offering help.

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  • Daily Worktools For Employees

    Bitrix24 comes with over 20+ free worktools including:

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