Free business messaging software

Free business messaging software

Bitrix24 is free business messaging software unlike any other. Sure it comes with traditional instant messaging and group chat, and works on pretty much any device (web, PC, Mac, iOS, Android). But it also comes free audio and video calls, videoconferencing, screen sharing (beta), employee directory, tasks, calendars, file sharing and much more. Imagine having your own ‘Dropbox’ and ‘Skype’ in one. That's exactly what Bitrix24 is. And it's one of the very few business messengers available both in cloud and as self-hosted software that you can install on your server.
* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.
  • Basic features

    • Unlimited free users
    • 5GB free online storage
    • Push notifications (push and pull)
    • Web, Desktop (PC, Mac) and Mobile (iOS, Android)
    • Video conferencing and telephony
    • File sharing
    • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Cloud or self hosted
    • API and open source code available
    Free business messaging software
  • Business ready business messaging

    Bitrix24 means business. This means having access rights, extra security measures and full accountability.

    • Employee directory
    • Departments and workgroups
    • Org chart
    • Enterprise level security
    • Leave requests
    • Flexible notifications
    • Learn more
    Free business messaging system
  • Real time communications

    Time is money and it doesn’t get faster than real time communications.

    • Instant messaging
    • Group chat
    • Audio / video calls
    • Video conferencing
    • Screen sharing (beta)
    • In chat file sharing
    • Learn more
    Free real time communications messaging software
  • Unified Communication

    Wouldn't it be nice to have business messaging system that combines instant messaging, video conferencing, telephony and email marketing in one place?

    • Call center and telephony
    • Mobile client management
    • Email marketing
    • Email server
    • Enterprise social networking
    • Calendar and planning
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    Open source business messaging platform
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