Free CRM tools

Free CRM tools

Bitrix24 is client relationship management software that comes with over 20 free CRM tools. It is available in cloud and on premise with source code, CMS and API included. Free Bitrix24 plan comes with unlimited contacts, emails, quotes, invoices and mobile CRM that works both on Android and iOS.
  • Basic features

    • 100% free for 12 users
    • 5 GB free online storage
    • Unlimited records
    • Quotes, invoices email marketing
    • Phone calls to and from CRM
    • Cloud or self hosted, API included
    • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Free lead management tools

    There a number of lead management tools inside Bitrix24 CRM. In addition to standard Excel file import, Bitrix24 offers web-to-lead, email-to-lead and call-to-lead option, which means your CRM database can be populated AUTOMATICALLY when someone fills out a form on your website, sends you an email or calls your phone number. Another great feature is ability to set custom scenarios how leads get distributed among your sales reps. Bitrix24 can even 'listen' to social networks and create leads when specific keywords are mentioned.

    Free lead management tools
  • Free marketing tools

    Bitrix24 comes with free email marketing and telemarketing tools, which means you can start selling as soon as you get leads inside your CRM. You can send individual emails or in bulk, and all replies will be stored in CRM database attached to specific individual or company. You can create as many email templates as necessary and automate emailing according to set rules. Likewise, free virtual call center that comes with Bitrix24 lets you call your prospects, receive phone orders from them, provide phone support and do much more.

    CRM marketing tools
  • CRM reporting tools

    Bitrix24 comes with a number of CRM reporting tools starting with the sales funnel, which shows how many deals and in which states you have in your sales pipeline (importantly, you can set your own stages that reflect your unique sales processes). All the standard reports (sales, activity by agent, invoices sent, etc) are available, but you can also build reports around custom fields in your CRM. Again, these are available absolutely free.

    CRM reporting tools
  • Collaboration tools for your sales team

    Bitrix24 comes with a number of collaboration tools for your sales team, including activity stream, intranet, tasks and project management, file sharing, document management, group chat, mobile messenger, videoconferencing, absence calendar, leave requests, attendance tracking, time management, sales manuals, idea management and much more. Sales is a team sport and with Bitrix24 you are the winner.

    Free sales force management
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