Free CRM With Live Chat

Free CRM With Live Chat

If you are looking for CRM with chat, nothing beats Bitrix24 and not just because it's the only free full featured CRM that gives you real time communications.

First, Bitrix24 comes with internal chat system that also supports audio and video calls, allowing your sales agents to effectively collaborate with each other. Next, you have live chat widget that you can install on any website (Wordpress, Magenta, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal - whaterver) to communicate with your existing or potential clients in real time. No website? No problem, Bitrix24 gives you hosted live chat as well, and yes, this is absolutely free as well for up to 12 users with unlimited chat sessions. Free CRM chatbots? You shouldn't ask - Bitrix24 supports Microsoft Bot Framework and our API is open.

What makes Bitrix24 so much better than all other live chat CRM software, other than the price? One word - omnichannel. Bitrix24 doesn't just give you free live chat CRM. It also gives you open channels for social media, email, phone calls and other means of communications. Yes, it's all stored inside a single CRM, giving you 360 view of your clients. Try Bitrix24 now and start talking to your clients now.
* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.
  • Basic features

    • Free unlimited records
    • Free 5GB online storage
    • Free email marketing
    • Free call center
    • Free custom fields
    • Free quotes & invoices
    • Free call center
    • Cloud or self hosted (open source code access)
    • Free mobile CRM iOS and Android
    • Free integrations (RestAPI)
    Free CRM live chat software
  • Free Fully Featured CRM With No Limits

    Free CRM
  • Fully customizable

    • Custom fields
    • Sales automation
    • Custom forms
    • Custom access right settings
    • Web to CRM
    • Email to CRM
    • Call to CRM
    • Learn more
    Free customizable CRM
  • Free contact center

    Free CRM contact center software
  • Powerful reports

    • Custom reports
    • Dashboards
    • Sales pipeline
    • Sales funnel
    • Expected sales
    • Agent activity reports
    • Unpaid invoices
    • Lead sources (marketing channels)
    • Learn more
    Free CRM with reports
  • More than just CRM

    • Tasks inside CRM
    • Document management
    • Cloud file server
    • Sales agent management (HR)
    • Free intranet (collaboration)
    • Employee engagement
    • Much more!
    Free CRM with task and document management
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