Free marketing tools

Free marketing tools

Bitrix24 comes with over 30 free marketing tools online. Client management, email marketing, file sharing, quotes and invoices, virtual call center, telemarketing, freelancer management, videoconferencing, collaboration, HR, private social network - that's not even half of the tools that we are giving away. Whether you are a solo marketer, a marketing company or run a marketing department, you'll find Bitrix24 invaluable.

Your marketing team will love shared calendars and Gantt chart (timeline view) that make group planning inside Bitrix24 very simple. Marketing managers are sure to appreciate Bitrix24 supervising control tool what show who's doing what, how many tasks are assigned to each person and what their workload is like for a selected time period. You can even use Bitrix24 for attendance management and time tracking.

But marketing automation is where Bitrix24 really shines. Bitrix24 can automatically send subscription renewal notifications a few days before the subscription expires. It can assign incoming leads to specific managers based on selected criteria. Bitrix24 can capture leads on your website. It can automate multiple sales funnels. It can even accept payments for you.

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  • Basic features

    • 12 users free
    • 30+ free tools
    • CRM
    • Email marketing
    • Sales analytics
    • Telemarketing
    • Mobile App(iOS and Android)
    • Cloud or self-hosted
    • Open source code and API
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    Free online marketing tools
  • Client management

    • CRM
    • Lead management
    • Quotes
    • Invoices
    • Sales analytics
    • Sales automation
    • Learn more
    Free marketing tools - CRM
  • Email marketing

    • 100% free
    • Unlimited messages
    • Emails to/from CRM (Send&Save)
    • Email templates
    • Email server
    • Use your own domain
    • Use free email addresses
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    Free email marketing tools
  • Call center and telemarketing

    Free marketing tools telephony PBX
  • Project management

    • Projects
    • Tasks & subtasks
    • Daily planner
    • Gantt chart
    • Employee workload planning
    • Roles (Assisting, Observing, Set by me)
    • External users (extranet access)
    • Counters and notifications
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    Free online project management with unlimited users
  • Social collaboration

    • Private social network
    • Instant messaging and group chat
    • Video calls and video conferencing
    • Likes, mentions, comments, badges, tags
    • Employee directory
    • Company org chart
    • Mobile intranet
    Free marketing collaboration tools
  • Time tracking

    • Clock-in/Clock-out
    • Task time tracking
    • Workday settings
    • Daily todo's
    • Time reports
    • Personal & shared calendars
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    Free marketing time tracking
  • Document management

    • File sharing
    • File syncing (web/PC/Mac/iOS/Android)
    • Multiuser online editing
    • Offline editing
    • Version history
    • File server (Bitrix24.Drive)
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    Marketing document management
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