KPI Tracking Software With Analytical Dashboards

Measure your staff's performance quickly, accurately and with minimum effort. This allows to fine-tune your sales strategy, make your customers happier and boost your revenue. Bitrix24 is a modern example of KPI software with easy to use dashboards and real-time analytics.

What is Customer KPI Management?

The exact list of parameters might vary depending on the product. Based on these statistics, you can detect the most productive staff members and reward them. You can identify the weak points of business processes and improve them. You can track the efficiency of your customer relations and enhance them.

How Does KPI Management Software Work?

All the data in KPI software is interconnected. You can link two or multiple types of data to analyze their correlation. You can set goals for each of the above-listed parameters and compare your objectives with the real state of things. If you try to complete the same tasks in Excel or another spreadsheet, large volumes of information would look too confusing. If you install profile software, these functions will be carried out in a highly logical and intuitive framework.

Such software enables you to systematize your data with scorecards and customize their format. You will be able to visualize the information with dashboards, row and column data reports, graphs, images and strategy maps. KPI management software allows users to simply drag and drop pieces of data. Every time one adds new information to their scorecard, the dashboard updates automatically. The system can auto-generate strategy maps for you, based on the contents of your cards.

When you need to manually import data, you will be able to do it with a couple of clicks, no matter if it is a simple spreadsheet or a complex SQL CRM database. When you want to export data, the system will generate detailed reports for you that will look equally impressive in digital and printed formats. Besides, you will be able to generate spreadsheets when you need to work with raw data. To facilitate the search within the system, you can tag objects and use the in-built search tools.

For each KPI, you can assign owners and updaters. You will clearly see who is responsible for a particular task. When the data in the system changes, all parties involved will receive a notification. If the system detects a problem, it will alert its users. All the alerts and notifications will be kept within the software as well as sent out to people's emails.

Using Bitrix24 as a KPI Management Software

Bitrix24 is one of the most renowned and functional examples of KPI software on the market. The full functionality of this multi-faceted product goes far beyond measuring and improving the KPIs. It is also ideal for task and project management, lead nurturing, customer retention, sites building and so on. It can carry out an incredibly vast scope of tasks for businesses of any scale and sphere of activity.

Bitrix24 features all the above-described functionality of KPI software. It enables you to create agent dashboards and supervisor dashboards. The former displays sales data for a single agent. An agent will be able to access only their own dashboard. The latter display sales data for a certain department or the entire organization and allow supervisors to monitor the performance of every sales rep. You can check the number of sales for each agent, their earnings and many other parameters. When needed, the system will generate comprehensive reports for you. You will be able to either use the ready-made templates or create your custom ones.

Your staff members can use the in-built Bitrix24 tools for internal communications, such as video conferencing, voice calls, instant text messages and a shared calendar. When they need to get in touch with customers, they can do it right from the dashboard. The records about each interaction will be automatically saved in the database.

Bitrix24 is available as a cloud or on-premise solution. In the former case, you will need to pay for a subscription and the latter — for the license. You might want to choose the on-premise variant if your business requires maximum confidentiality. However, the cloud version also guarantees remarkably high-security standards. Plus, it does not require an installation: you can start working immediately after logging in to your account. To get started, you might want to download your product catalog, quotes and invoices in the system.

New customers can try the basic functionality of Bitrix24 at no cost. The free version enables unlimited users to the system and access to 5 GB of free online storage. You will be able to supervise your full sales cycle and generate insightful sales reports. Email and telemarketing, task and document management as well as API and source code are also included in the free starter plan. Besides, your staff members will be able to install the Bitrix24 mobile app for iOS and Android without paying extra. At any moment, you can upgrade to the full-fledged paid version and choose a tariff plan that best meets the needs of your company.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Cloud or self-hosted
  • Intranet and extranet
  • Full time, part-time, freelancers
  • HRIS and HRMS included
  • Absence management
  • Mobile, source code access, API

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Effective Scheduling

  • Time zone settings
  • Daily, weekly, monthly views
  • Multiple calendars & schedules
  • Reminders
  • Employee scheduling
  • Client scheduling
  • Calendar access rights
  • Employee absence chart
  • Employee leave approvals
  • Tasks in calendars

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Unlimited Task and Projects

  • Free unlimited client base
  • Leads, Contacts, Companies, Deals
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Websites templates
  • CRM forms
  • Live chat 24/7
  • Multichannel communications

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Remote Collaboration

  • Knowledge management
  • Company structure
  • HR tools
  • Project and workgroups
  • Document sharing and processing
  • Configurable access permissions (creation, editing, viewing, publishing)
  • Clocking in/out, time management
  • Unlimited free task management
  • Workload management
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Learn more

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