Visitor Management System

A visitor management system is intended to help businesses register and track each person coming to their office. It improves the guest experience and overall security. Bitrix24 offers this and much more!

A visitor management system is intended to help businesses register and track each person coming to their office. It improves the guest experience and overall security.

Are you looking for a flexible visitor management system that will take care of your tedious tasks? If so, consider Bitrix24. Being more organized is what can help your business grow. The company offers a set of tools that allow employees to stay informed on all interactions. The best part is that its software is customizable.

Using the platform as a visitor management system solution will allow you to create unlimited visitor or customer databases. You can add custom fields and easily change CRM forms if needed. The databases may contain names, photos, the time of attendance and other data you might require to get a clear picture of who is visiting your office. Your managers can pre-register visitors, especially for large events. Checking their names against your watchlist will increase the overall security of your workspace.

With the Bitrix24 visitor management system, you can use calendars to schedule appointments, set notifications, and reminders about visitors and deliveries. Automating these messages will let your employees know when they have a guest to welcome or a package to pick up.

The company provides multiple external integrations. They help make implementation easier than ever. As a part of a visitor management system solution, you can connect your website to Google Analytics. This tool collects statistics, data about visitors, and analyzes the effectiveness of marketing strategies. It would be helpful to know about any user activities on your website.

The system is mobile-optimized. So modernize your company's reception desk by using tablets for visitor registration. Since the software is customizable, this visitor management system is suitable for companies of any size and industry.

Bitrix24 partners with a range of companies to deliver the best services for you. Our partners are ready to help you with any issues that may arise.

There are various plans available. You can benefit from choosing our free cloud-based version since it includes plenty of useful features. If your organization needs an advanced visitor management system, you may opt for commercial editions.

In addition to the visitor management system you get:

Customer relationship management

The built-in CRM system allows companies to put a strong focus on their clients. It is also useful for visitor management. Various collaboration tools help to quickly resolve any issues in real-time. Use social network integration, web forms, artificial intelligence, instant messengers, live chats, and more to deliver the best visitor experience.

Using web forms provides you with an opportunity to stay in touch with your contacts. When someone fills out a web form, you can quickly address their issues.


Choosing Bitrix24 as a visitor management system solution will allow you to create a free database. The company focuses on the privacy and security of your data. So rest assured it is safe with us. Collect any information about your visitors and customers and compile a comprehensive database.

Calendars and schedules

With the Bitrix24 visitor management system, you can create multiple group or personal calendars. Use them to schedule events and set reminders and notifications. You will always get notified about upcoming meetings. Greeting your visitors at the scheduled time is an important part of providing a great guest experience.

Calendars integrate with the CRM system, which allows you to use them for taking notes. So keeping all your data organized is simple with Bitrix24.

Email services

Email services synchronize with our CRM tool, so not only can you send emails but you can view the entire history of all your interactions. Email your future visitors in advance and send them directions to your office. This will most likely guarantee a worry-free arrival. With the Bitrix 24 visitor management system, you can view whether they responded to you or not, how many letters you exchanged, etc.


Using our visitor management system lets you integrate your phone system with the built-in CRM. It will help you to not miss calls or forget to record an important conversation. All your recordings can be stored in the system. Collect and analyze information about your visitors or customers. It is a crucial part of any visitor management system.

Using telephony does not require installation or add-ons. You may rent international and local numbers or keep your current one and connect your PBX/VoIP to the platform using SIP.

Contact center

Receiving messages from various channels may be overwhelming for any manager. Choosing the Bitrix24 visitor management system will allow you to keep all your conversations in a single database and stay in touch with your contacts using their preferred communication channel.

Mobile availability

With our full-featured mobile app, you can manage your work on the go. Using it as a visitor management system solution will allow you to schedule appointments, set reminders, and view the history of all your interactions.

Sales intelligence

Sales intelligence tools provide advanced analytics reports. They let you see the exact steps that led a particular customer to you. You can track such channels as social media platforms, messengers, calls, and even print ads.

If you are interested in our visitor management system, check our YouTube channel out. It contains plenty of educational videos. If you would like to know more about our pricing options, please visit our pricing page.

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Basic features

●      Online storage;

●      Projects;

●      Workgroups;

●      Built-in CRM;

●      Live chats;

●      Knowledge databases;

●      A mobile solution;

●      Cloud and on-premise;

Online workspace

●      Document sharing;

●      Employee polling;

●      Chats/calls;

●      HD video conferencing;

●      Appreciation badges;

●      News, updates, and announcements;

Workgroups and projects

●      Project planning;

●      Reminders and notifications;

●      A project owner;

●      Various roles in tasks;

●      Different task view modes (Kanban, Gantt, List);

●      Public and private workgroups;

●      Workgroups and projects with external users.

Document management and drive

●      A document approval workflow;

●      Local and online editing;

●      Document history;

●      Public file and folder sharing;

●      Company drive;

●      Personal and group drive;

●      File and folder access rights.


●      Google Analytics;

●      Outlook;

●      Slack;

●      MailChimp;

●      Office 365;

●      Zapier;

●      Social networks and messengers.

For more information about Bitrix24, head over to our training courses. We also have a great YouTube channel that covers every aspect of Bitrix24, from sales and planning to document management and company internal communication tools. To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.

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