Ultra Textlocal SMS for Bitrix24

Ultra Textlocal SMS for Bitrix24

Enable Textlocal SMS communication for enhanced interactions

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Incorporate the Textlocal SMS service into Bitrix24 CRM which allows users to interact with Leads, Contacts & Deals. Access the features mentioned below to have efficient conversations.

- Textlocal SMS

Users can proactively message Leads, Contacts and Deals using the TextLocal option at the top panel. Sel ect your Textlocal Sender, enter the message to be sent or ins ert a template and send the message. Also, ins ert User Fields, Lead/Contact/Deal Fields and emojis, if required. You can also enter a default country code which can be added to contact numbers and the settings for the same. You can also include additional contacts in to the message. Click on 'Add Recipients' and add the contact numbers or search for the required contacts.

- Bulk Message

Send a common Textlocal message to desired contacts using the Textlocal SMS option available within the menu on the left of your CRM. Sele ct the message sender and click on 'Add Recipients'. Here you can sel ect the country code fr om the drop-down, enter the contact number and click on 'Add'. Similarly, multiple numbers can be added to send a bulk message.

- Manage App Users

The CRM admin can enable users to send messages through the Textlocal account authorized by the admin. The admin can add and remove the users fr om this feature based on their requirement.

- Create Templates

You can create templates within Bitrix24 to simplify the process of sending messages to your CRM contacts. Access the Textlocal interface within any Lead, Contact & Deal or using the Textlocal SMS page. Click on 'Insert Template'. Click on '+Add New Template'. Enter the name of the template to be created, type in your message and click on 'Save Template'. You can insert User Fields, Lead/Contact/Deal Fields and emojis in to the template.

Create your Textlocal account through the link below:

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