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23 November 10 AM (EST)


The new Bitrix24. It’s about time

Packed with tools for e-commerce, project management, and team productivity, Bitrix24 is all set for another big update. We have improved the product in almost every aspect - from marketing and analytics to project management and communication.

Inventory management

Bitrix24 now features comprehensive inventory management capabilities. Manage your stock, control warehouses, monitor sales, and track deliveries - all inside a single ecosystem.

  • Full traceability: from the supplier to the customer
  • Manage multiple warehouses via a single dashboard
  • Real-time order and inventory updates
  • Integrated with Bitrix24 CRM and product catalog

Scrum inside Bitrix24

Professional Scrum tools (backlog, sprints, story points, etc.) combined with our chats, online meetings, and comments - a turnkey project management solution for any team!

  • Free for up to 5 teams
  • Migrate data from Jira or Asana
  • Integrated with Bitrix24 chats and online meetings
  • Customizable for any business

Meeting Briefs

Turn any online meeting into an action plan with Meeting Briefs - a quick and easy way to keep your meetings more productive and focused.

How it works
  • 1

    During an online meeting in Bitrix24, open a text file from the call menu
  • 2

    As the meeting goes on, you can edit the file adding notes, ideas, or decisions
  • 3

    The file can be co-edited in real-time by all the participants
  • 4

    After the call is over, the meeting brief file is automatically added to the chat

New invoices

With a new, simplified interface and powerful automation, our invoices have become easier to use and more business-friendly - all to help you process more deals faster.

  • Create invoices in one click
  • Customizable fields
  • Automated, rule-based invoicing
  • Improved user interface

Instant WhatsApp

Get new customers and generate sales through via WhatsApp.

  • No WhatsApp Business account required
  • Communicate with WhatsApp clients inside Bitrix24
  • Integrated with our CRM
  • Easy to connect

BI Analytics

Build PowerBI or Data Studio reports based on the CRM data (leads, deals, conversions, etc.) inside your Bitrix24 account.

  • Works with Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio
  • One-click connection
  • Real-time updates
  • Comprehensive visual reports inside your Bitrix24

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