Version history

Video Conferencing
Version 11.0.0
Date update : November 30, 2011
  • Minor changes.
Version 10.0.0
Date update : August 26, 2011
  • Minor changes.
Version 9.0.2
Date update : April 20, 2010
  • Added p2p call support (peer-to-peer).
Version 9.0.1
Date update : April 1, 2010
  • The Video Conferencing module enables you to deploy a fully-functional videoconferencing communication network. Hold conferences and meetings seeing faces of your opponents; invite persons from remote offices and departments to discuss essential problems. You will not need anything more than a web browser, a web camera and a microphone! Enjoy making direct video calls to any person within the Intranet Portal; set up your own video conferencing and invite guests. Plan your video conferencing by booking a video meeting room – it’s just that simple!