Free CRM with sales pipeline management

Free CRM with sales pipeline management

Bitrix24 is free sales pipeline management software. Not all free CRM give you pipeline management, but Bitrix24 does. Better yet, it's extremely easy to set up and customize, and it can be used totally free for up to 12 agents, regardless of how big your current client or prospect database is.

What is sales pipeline management? The definitions vary, but essentially it's a PROCESS of various steps of stages that your prospects have to go through in order to become paying customers.

There are several important goals that free sales pipeline software like Bitrix24 help you accomplish. First, they show you lead to win ratio, showing you how many sales you can expect from 100 cold or warm leads. Second, they show you how many opportunities agents currently have and it at what stages. Third, sales pipeline analysis helps you identify bottlenecks of your current sales process has and improve it accordingly.

In Bitrix24 there is no need to set up sales pipeline management templates, all you have to do is define lead and deal stages that are relevant to your sales process. The rest is done automatically.

Importantly, sales pipeline management is only one of many sales automation tools available to Bitrix24 CRM users. Register now or check out our videos and CRM manual for a quick start.
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  • Basic features

    • Free unlimited records
    • Free 5GB online storage
    • Free email marketing
    • Free call center
    • Free custom fields
    • Free quotes & invoices
    • Free call center
    • Cloud or self hosted (open source code access)
    • Free mobile CRM iOS and Android
    • Free integrations (RestAPI)
    Free sales pipeline management software and CRM
  • Free Fully Featured CRM With No Limits

    Free CRM
  • Fully customizable

    • Custom fields
    • Sales automation
    • Custom forms
    • Custom access right settings
    • Web to CRM
    • Email to CRM
    • Call to CRM
    • Learn more
    Free customizable CRM
  • Free contact center

    Free CRM contact center software
  • Powerful reports

    • Custom reports
    • Dashboards
    • Sales pipeline
    • Sales funnel
    • Expected sales
    • Agent activity reports
    • Unpaid invoices
    • Lead sources (marketing channels)
    • Learn more
    Free CRM with reports
  • More than just CRM

    • Tasks inside CRM
    • Document management
    • Cloud file server
    • Sales agent management (HR)
    • Free intranet (collaboration)
    • Employee engagement
    • Much more!
    Free CRM with task and document management
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