Event Management Software

Free Event Management Software

A number of companies use Bitrix24 as free event management software, since it comes with all the necessary tools for the job. First, there is CRM and client management module that lets you create quotes and invoices, send emails and manage vendors. Second there are shared calendars that let you schedule and book multiple venues. Third, there’s a project management module and task templates that organizers use to manage ground crews. Finally, Bitrix24 comes with mobile messaging and group chat that come in handy for real-time communications during events.

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Basic features

  • Unlimited free users
  • Free client management
  • Free quotes and invoicing
  • Free shared calendars
  • Free email marketing
  • Free group task management
  • External access for clients
  • Mobile event management
  • Cloud or self hosted
  • API & open source code
Free event management software

CRM for Event Management

CRM is an essential tool for every successful event management company. Bitrix24 CRM lets you keep track of leads and prospects - those who contacted but haven't hired you yet. You can also use it as a database of vendors and service providers. Quotes and invoices? Got those too. How about importing a list of last year attendees and inviting them again? 100% free in Bitrix24.

Free CRM for event management

Planning and scheduling

Bitrix24 comes with multiple shared calendars and various planning tools. If you use multiple venues on a regular basis, simply create a workgroup for each and invite external users, if necessary. These workgroups come with their own calendars, tasks and discussions. Use event scheduler to schedule events. Absence chart lets your employees schedule days off and provides a convenient way for others to know when someone is unavailable.

Free online event scheduler

Project and task management

Event management is a team sport. You need to assign tasks to your team members and outside vendors, and make sure that everything is ready on time. Enter Bitrix24 project management module. Tasks, subtasks, checklists, Gantt chart, workload planning, time management and work reports are at your disposal.

Project and Event Management Tasks

Mobile Event Management

Bitrix24 comes with free mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Naturally, you can access CRM, tasks and calendars from your phone. But it also comes with mobile messaging, collaboration and videoconferencing tools that are indispensible when an urgent matter comes up in the middle of your busy event.

Free mobile event management solution

With over 30 free online event management tools, Bitrix24 can seem a bit frightening to a new user. Don't worry, here's Bitrix24 manual that explains each feature and tool step by step. Moreover, unlike most event management solutions, Bitrix24 is available both in cloud or as self hosted software that can be installed on your server and modified as necessary, since it comes with open source code. If this is something that you need, please download it here.

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