Add new functions and features to your Bitrix24 account. Install the ready apps from the Marketplace.

Accelerate your business, continue to grow and develop. Use VHSYS integration with Bitrix24.

Move into a single space and automate working communications, sales, projects and business processes.

The online system will allow you to fill out and issue an electronic invoice wherever you are and on any device, be it a computer, tablet or cell phone.

Spend more time developing strategies, establishing new partnerships and sales, and VHSYS and Bitrix24 will take care of your invoices. By avoiding double-filling information, you gain time and flexibility in your day-to-day operations.

Start invoicing faster and more securely, forget about rework when entering information, and simplify the issuance of tax documents.

Create invoices directly from orders, and send them to your customers once they've been printed or emailed.

Issue invoices using electronic document management. Say goodbye to paper and save time.

Now with Bitrix24 and VHSYS integration, you can invoice from anywhere you need and at any time of the day.

Features and functionality:

Import customer database from VHSYS to Bitrix24.

Create a special activity in Bitrix24 when you create a new invoice in VHSYS.

Data in Bitrix24 is updated when an invoice is paid (changed status) in VHSYS.

Update customer data in Bitrix24 when you add a new customer in VHSYS.

Delete activity in Bitrix24 when an assosiated invoice is deleted  in VHSYS.

Follow this link to learn about VHSYS plans.  

Version 1
Transfer customer data and automatically update invoice statuses with VHSYS.

User support is provided by email at support@albato.com or by online chat in the application interface
You can find detailed instructions on how to install and configure the application at this link: https://albato.com/blog/publications/how-to-connect-vhsys-to-albato