Integration with an OpenCart store

Add new functions and features to your Bitrix24 account. Install the ready apps from the Marketplace.

Complete simple integration between Bitrix24 and an online store on OpenCart without programming!

Key features:
  • Orders from the site go to CRM (with goods, discounts, currency, etc.);
  • Status synchronization;
  • End-to-end analytics (transfer of UTM tags, visited pages);
  • Linking existing Contacts and Companies (search by phone and / or mail);
  • Auto-formatting of numbers with a choice of any countries.
Pleasant trifles:
  • Search for goods in Bitrix24;
  • Transfer of UTM tags;
  • Transfer of the client's digital footprint;
  • Transfer of visited pages to LEAD;
  • Control of repeated Leads (tag "Repeated Lead");
  • Strict control of duplicates (association of LEADs);
  • Queue of responsible persons;
  • Notification of the responsible person;
  • Creation of a Deal with the previous person in charge, if the LEAD has made deals before (optional).
Official plugin for Bitrix24 and OpenCart integration -

Note. Integration with different CMS may require a Bitrix24 plugin with modification for a specific CMS. For example, if you have a general plugin "Site Integration with WordPress Contact Forms 7", and you need to integrate OpenCart, then you need to additionally install the "Integration with OpenCart Store" plugin.

Other plugins:30 days free! Then $ 10 per month.

Version 2
Add avatar to UI
Integration into the contact center

Version 1
Integration of Bitrix24 with an online store on OpenCart. Ready module for OpenCart. Product addition and search, duplicate control, phone auto-formatting.

Implementation support and assistance -
Ideas and improvements -
  1. Install the plugin in Bitrix24;
  2. On the "Integration" page, copy the Secret API key;
  3. Install plugin for OpenCart -;
  4. Go to the plugin settings on the site, enter your account domain and the Secret API key;
  5. Submit all forms on the site to establish their connection with Bitrix24;
  6. Go to the application at the account, select the correspondence between the fields of the Site and Bitrix24;
  7. If necessary, configure additional functionality (search for goods, auto-formatting, control of muzzles, queues, notifications, etc.);