WordPress forms integration

Add new functions and features to your Bitrix24 account. Install the ready apps from the Marketplace.

Full integration of Bitrix24 and WordPress forms.

Can be integrated (all modules are included in THIS application):
Selling via WordPress WooCommerce? And such a module already exists.

  • Automatic transfer of forms into Leads and Deals;
  • Comprehensive analytics (UTM tags, visited pages, and Sales Intelligence);
  • Linking previously created Contacts/Companies (search by phone and/or email);
  • Auto-formatting of phone numbers (support for 200+ countries);
  • Simple plugin modification;
  • No limits on the number of websites and forms/orders!
  • Tracking and transmission: UTM, SmartUTM, Google Client ID, Facebook Client ID and visited pages;
  • Built-in support for the plugin for sending offline conversions;
  • "Repeated Lead" control;
  • Notifications about new applications;
  • Each client works with the salesperson who previously served them (optional);
  • Support and help with setup.
Step-by-step setup (Using Wordpress Contact Forms 7 as an example)

Pricing (cancel anytime)
Free 30-day trial. Monthly and annual subscription prices.

Version 3
Bug Fix: Now, when selecting a lead's responsible person, the user's avatar is displayed correctly. Thank you for helping us improve the app!

Version 2
Integration into the contact center

Version 1
Integration of Bitrix24 with a site on WordPress Contact Form 7. Ready module for WordPress. UTM-tags, duplicate control, phone auto-formatting.

Installation, setup and FAQ - https://flamix.solutions/bitrix24/integrations/site/cf7.php

Step-by-step setup (Using Wordpress Contact Forms 7 as an example)