Burnup Chart

Burnup Chart

Now you can view estimated time when a project will be completed.

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The burnup chart app is designed to track estimated time of project completion. Now, at any moment, you can view estimated time when a project will be completed, if you have appropriate access permissions for this project. The app itself is launched inside a workgroup.

The burnup chart app displays project completion chart, arranged based on a number of tasks at a specified time. If you didn't sel ect a project or selected a project without any tasks, you will see the “overview” chart with demo data.

Chart elements

●     X-direction: calendar period that shows how many “Tasks” were completed or will be completed within specified time.

●     X-direction: 2 lines in different colors are displayed to show estimated time for project completion.

○     Green line – shows time when the project will be completed faster than an average project completion time.

○     Red line - shows time when the project will be completed slower than an average project completion time.

●     Y-direction: indicates the number of tasks that were completed or will be completed within a calendar period, specified in “Date”.

●     X- and Y- directions: show provisional graduation lines, allowing to visually split the completion of tasks into time segments.

●     Three sectors go through the complete chart. Designations for these sectors can be found in the list of chart symbols.

Additional app elements

●     The “Today” date

●     The “Refresh” button that updates the chart.

●     The “Task completed” diagram shows how many tasks were completed in total and which number of tasks are still yet to be done.

○     Done – completed tasks

○     Undone – tasks in progress.

●      The “Task deadline” diagram shows how many tasks are completed relative to deadline.

○     Best – shows tasks, completed before a deadline

○     Worst - shows tasks, completed after a deadline.

●     List of symbols used to designate the chart data.

How we calculate end of the project.

Formula: (scope / (scope + median)) * project_interval.

●     Scope - total number of tasks,

●     Median - median deviation from the plan,

●     Project_interval - the interval of the project: fr om start to deadline.

Attention! The new version of the app works as a 30-day trial on free Bitrix24 accounts. After upgrading the previous versions, you will need to authorize the application for the second time.
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