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Deal analytics Free

Analyze deals and identify tight spots that may need improvement.

Lead generation Free

View and analyze how your business creates leads

Key performance indicators Free

Analyze performance indicators most critical to your business

Customer churn and retention Free

Analyze customer retention and churn

ABC Analysis Free

Identify and prioritize key customers

Deals and products Free

Analyze your sales.

Workflow analytics Free

Analyze your business workflows.

Customer cohort analysis Free

Analyze your customers by time based cohorts.

Call analytics Free

Analyze inbound and outbound calls, and related costs and sales

Deal analytics summary Free

Analyze deal data for the required time period. Identify the most efficient customer handling scenarios as well as tight spots that may need improvement.

Roistat — Cross-cutting business analytics system Free

Roistat collects data from Bitrix24 CRM, advertising platforms and your website. With this data Roistat organises reports on key business indexes.

Asterisk connector: Itgrix Recommended Free

Asterisk/FreePBX IP telephony integration with Bitrix24, FREE 2 users

PureTaskReport Free

The application builds the task report for one or more employees and considers the elapsed time.

Absence Free

The application to log and approve employees' absence requests

Burnup Chart Free

Now you can view estimated time when a project will be completed.

Billable Hours For Tasks Free

No more endless hours spent on creating reports and issuing invoices - now a single app can calculate all the labor costs (time and expenses) for a project.

KPI – Company Efficiency Free

The KPI application helps to plan key performance indicators, observe the situation regarding implementation of the plan in real time, calculate bonuses e.t.c.!

CallGear: calltracking and VPBX Recommended Free

CallGear + Bitrix24 is a CRM integration, combining end-to-end advertising analytics tool with integrated CallGear communication channels and virtual PBX

Hourly payroll calculator Free

Now you can create timesheets for any employee. Timesheets contain detailed reports on working hours spent by employees.

Data Connector Free

Data Connector is a professional solution for BI analytics integration.

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