Zendesk Integration

Add new functions and features to your Bitrix24 account. Install the ready apps from the Marketplace.

Gain complete control of your Zendesk tickets right in Bitrix24 interface!

View ticket details and create new ones, all while keeping the powerful Bitrix24 tools right at hand.

Learn more about the app in our helpdesk article.

The app works with Bitrix24 commercial plans only.
Free plan users can test it during the trial period and then upgrade to a commercial subscription.

Version 2
The trial period was added.

Version 1
First version of Zendesk Service integration

When at the settings page, input your Zendesk account data:
  • Sub.domain
  • Username (e-mail)
  • API key
If the connection is successful, you will see a “Your Zendesk is successfully connected” message.

If required, you can connect another Zendesk account to Bitrix24 at the application settings page (“Settings” button).

Obtain API Key:
1. Go to Settings in Zendesk
2. Select Channels > API
3. Enable Token Access
4. Get your token
5. Select Save