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Thai Binh Ho


"Bitrix24 help our whole team collaborates on a single feature-packed platform without the pain to switch from one software to another."

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Survival Skills is a small startup with a few people, each is equivalent to a separate department. They used to have a separate software tool for each business function like projects, CRM, email marketing, email, internal communication, calendar, web form.

Although each of these tools was excellent on their own, they ended up getting confused and experienced problems with sharing data. At any given moment, no one could tell what the final version of a document was and where to find the phone number of client X.
This led to a number of mishaps that eventually cost the company a considerable sum of money and reputational damage. They did try to change the situation around with some alternative solutions (Google Calendar, Google Forms, Trello, Slack, HubSpot, 1Office), but to no avail, as the UX was not very intuitive.

After the company switched to Bitrix24, they immediately started to see the positive effects and were able to:

  1. Automate a lot of CRM processes, which helped to improve productivity.

  2. Eliminate the time for sale reporting thanks to Analytics and recent integration with Google Data Studio.

  3. Enjoy calendar and email integration with CRM that help the sales and training teams to coordinate each other’s efforts.

  4. Process 5 times the amount of customers with an unchanged number of staff.

  5. Save a lot in payroll as each staff members has become more effective

Bitrix24 helps the whole team to collaborate on a single feature-packed platform without the pain to switch from one software to another.

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