Free business chat software

Free business chat software

If you are looking for best free business chat software – Bitrix24 is it. Available both in cloud and on premise (as self hosted software that comes with open source code access), it covers all your communication needs. Think of Bitrix24 as your own private ‘Skype’ plus ‘Dropbox’ plus ‘Basecamp’ plus ‘Facebook’. Bitrix24 works across all popular platforms and can be utilized via web browsers, desktop apps for PC or Mac, and Android and iOS based devices (native apps). Again, all of this absolutely free for unlimited users and $199/mo gets you unlimited storage. One time fee from $1,341.
* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.
  • Basic features

    • Unlimited free users
    • 5GB free online storage
    • Push and Pull
    • Real time updates
    • Web, Desktop (PC, Mac) and Mobile (iOS, Android)
    • Video conferencing and telephony
    • File sharing
    • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Cloud or self hosted
    • API and open source code available
    Free business messaging software
  • Business chat for business

    Business chat is different from regular instant messaging. It should absolutely secure and make it easy to find a co-worker of interest. It should take company structure and permissions into account. Bitrix24 does just that.

    • Company directory
    • Employee profiles
    • Unlimited work groups
    • Orgchart
    • 100% secure
    • Flexible notification settings
    • Permissions
    • Learn more
    Free business chat software
  • Real time communications

    Business chat is just one of many RTC tools that Bitrix24 has to offer.

    • Business chat
    • Group chat (up to 100 employees simultaneously)
    • Audio / video calls
    • Video conferencing
    • Screen sharing (beta)
    • In chat file sharing
    • Delete/edit message
    • ‘Likes’
    • Learn more
    Free open source business chat software
  • Unified Communication

    Unified Communication means that all the tools that you are using to communicate with fellow employees, clients and business partners are available to you in one place. That’s Bitrix24.

    • Virtual PBX and Call Center
    • Mobile CRM
    • Email marketing
    • Email server
    • Private company social network
    • Calendar and planning
    • Learn more
    Business chat software free
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