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Take full control of your team's projects and level up your performance with Bitrix24's free task management software. Full of innovative features, such as, project scheduling, agile project views, internal communication tools and much more.

What is task management software?

Task management software is the base for all the jobs that make up a project. It allows you to put all your plans in one place that everybody on your team can access so they can easily understand what is expected of them and when.

With Bitrix24, you can transform your cloud-based task and project management platform into agile views, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts. You can also use this space to raise any questions or queries, keeping your communication contextualized and to the point.

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Structure your projects and improve your results

Without structure in your work, it’s easy to lose track and slip into a habit of confusing back and forths. However, by combining some of the best free online team task management tools on the market with a bit of initial effort, you can set the standards that will maintain a high level of quality for future work.

Make each task understandable and clear by providing as much information as possible. Be sure to include aspects such as responsible people, key documents, and clear instructions for each subtask. As a manager, you can set notifications for when a task is near its deadline and clear up any issues to avoid delaying the next job.

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Fine-tune your strategy with time tracking software

Aside from using your Gantt chart to work out your team’s timings, our free task management software allows you to track the time it takes to do certain tasks and plan accordingly in the future. Our time tracking software helps you identify who is taking longer than they should, so you can offer advice and guidance on how to improve. For a more global view, run a monthly analysis of your team’s performance as a whole and continuously modify your approach.

You can even adapt the software for freelancers who are paid by the hour. Allow them to record the time they spend working to make your invoicing a piece of cake.

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Structure your roadmap with Gantt charts

The best free task management software always includes a range of dynamic views that enhance your experience. One of those is a Gantt chart, which is a dream for project managers everywhere.

Gantt charts allow you to see everybody’s availability at any time. This allows you to plan tasks around those that are already scheduled and plan future projects accordingly.

A huge benefit of this is that you can avoid saturating your team by cramming in extra work to an already busy day. All of this will help improve motivation and efficiency, as well as offering realistic expectations to shareholders.

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Automate task management with dependencies and workflows

Now you’ve got Gantt charts in place, you can apply dependencies that take even more work off your hands. When preparing your projects, you can set up tasks that will be automatically assigned once a previous one is finished. If you need to review work, you can even set a delay to give a bit of time before the next task gets underway.

Dependencies work incredibly well as part of an overall workflow. Workflows combine a series of related tasks and are incredibly useful for teams that have similar recurring projects. You can use analytics to continuously improve and modify your workflows each time you use them to get top-quality results.

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Kanban boards — the agile way to view your tasks

If you’re more into an agile way of working, you can see your free task management software via a Kanban board. These fully customizable visualizations are now known around the world as not only a practical way of working, but hugely motivational too.

Set categories including a backlog of tasks to do for your project, then move them to “in progress”, and finally “done”. If you’re having issues with a task, make a new “need help” list. Your entire team will be able to see how your project is going and really understand their contribution to it.

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