Hourly Payroll Calculator now inside Bitrix24

Hourly Payroll Calculator now inside Bitrix24
Oksana Bednenko
September 6, 2019
Last updated: September 6, 2019

As you probably know, Bitrix24 comes with a punch clock, available to our top plan users. This means that your employees are able to clock in and clock out. This feature is used for two distinctly different purposes. Salaried employees are usually paid a fixed monthly salary but are required to work a 40-hour workweek. So, the punch clock is used to measure actual hours worked on a daily basis to make sure it’s at least 8 hours/day. This is the scenario available to Bitrix24 users from day one.

However, many businesses rely on hourly workers. This means that employees are paid for the actual number of hours worked at a set hourly rate. For example, 30 hours at $10 per hour, means $300 pay. This what you can now do with Bitrix24 as well. Simply use punch clock to track the number of hours worked and then give timesheet reports to your accountants or a payroll service. Conveniently, these can be exported to Docx or Excel files.

To take advantage of this new option, simply install this app inside your Bitrix24 account.

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