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Burnup Chart App

Burnup Chart App
Bitrix24 Team
June 14, 2021
Last updated: June 15, 2021
If you're involved in project management and need to overview project deadlines based on the number of tasks required to complete, Burnup Chart app might be a perfect match. It works in real-time and let's you visualize the estimated time needed to finish a project.


There are two types of data that the graph builds upon:

  1. Y-axis: the number of tasks within the project
  2. X-axis: project timeline

  The graph has five coloured lines and areas:
  • Done – shows you a trend of completed tasks over a timeline
  • Average time – a rough time estimate for completing all of the project’s tasks
  • Scope – total number of tasks
  • Best time – the estimated soonest date of completing a project
  • Worst time – the time you are not expecting to exceed for project completion
Now, at any moment, you can view estimated time when a project will be completed. Watch a quick app overview here.

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