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Expenses App

Expenses App
Yana Zatsarnaya
June 16, 2021
Last updated: June 15, 2021

The Expenses app is designed to track your team expenses and approve them in Bitrix24. Receive expense reports submitted by your employees and provide your feedback.


Basic features

  • Record/register expenses

  • Aggregate expenses into reports

  • Submit reports for approval

Tabs visible for team:

  • Expenses

  • Reports

  • Report approval (see your own submitted reports)

Tabs available to supervisor:

  • Expenses

  • Reports

  • Report approval (see submitted reports from your department members)


  • Regular user does not see Expenses and Expense reports, created by other users

  • Department supervisor sees Expenses and Expense Reports, created by his/her department employees

  • Bitrix24 account administrator sees Expenses and Expense Reports, created by other users.

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