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QuickBooks Integration App

QuickBooks Integration App
Yana Zatsarnaya
June 24, 2021
Last updated: June 17, 2021

Did you know that you can synchronize data between QuickBooks and Bitrix24? QuickBooks Integration App will help you with that.

If company and contact details or invoices are modified in QuickBooks, the app will automatically implement changes in Bitrix24. All changes in Bitrix24 company and contact details will be automatically synchronized with QuickBooks.


 How it works

Create a new invoice in QuickBooks from Bitrix24 company, contact or deal.  

Select a company, contact or deal from the list in Bitrix24 CRM, click on «Create invoice in QuickBooks» widget, select a product or service in the opened window and switch to creating a new invoice in QuickBooks interface.  

After the invoice is saved in the additional field of Bitrix24 company, contact or deal, a link to the invoice will appear in QuickBooks.      

If the status of QuickBooks invoice changes to «Paid», the app will automatically change the status of the corresponding invoice in Bitrix24 and will send the notification to the responsible manager.

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