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Live Webinars This February

Live Webinars This February
Bitrix24 Team
January 26, 2023
Last updated: January 26, 2023
Register to join the upcoming live webinars by for free this February. These webinars are conducted by Bitrix24 Gold Partner Intreface.


Webinar 4PM UTC 07/02/2023 - Register
An introduction to creating Business Processes in Bitrix24, including examples of processes for Sales, Project Management and HR. If you are new or existing user of Bitrix24, this webinar will help you understand the principles of workflows.
  1. The visual editor tool for creating Business Processes
  2. Which entities can run Business Processes and how they can be triggered
  3. How Business Processes can integrate with other systems


Webinar 4PM UTC 16/02/2023 - Register
Live Q&A covering any and all aspects of Bitrix24. From CRM to Project Management and HR. Form Automation to Customisation and Implementation. Post your questions and Bitrix24 Gold Partner Intreface will show you the solution live on the screen.


Webinar 4PM UTC 21/02/2023  - Register
An introduction to Bitrix24 Self Hosted and Private Cloud solutions which offer advanced functionality, customisation and integration capabilities. If you are evaluating Bitrix24 Cloud or Self Hosted, this webinar will help you understand which solution is right for your business.
  1. The advanced ways Bitrix24 Self Hosted can be customised and branded
  2. The integration possibilities available with Self Hosted
  3. The extra features included in Self Hosted
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