26 Small Business Ideas To Start in 2023
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Vlad Kovalskiy
September 8, 2023
Last updated: September 8, 2023
26 Small Business Ideas To Start in 2023

Until recently, many people have not been in a hurry to open their own business, and continue to work for someone else. However, in 2023, many are starting to realise that now is a good time, even for the businessman-beginner. Some options do not even require investments.

If you want to change the monotonous weekdays of the hired worker for an independent life with a high level of profit, then consider the above challenge for realising business ideas as listed below.

So how did we choose the business ideas for our list? Here, we followed these principles: an idea must be genuine and actual (variants such as "baking at home" were not considered); it requires a small investment (from $1–$2, to £10,000); it does not need any special knowledge and experience.

3 Important actions to do

To begin, the individual will need to own three important internals: boldness, communicability and a flexible mind. But before that, they need to understand that any idea requires from them three actions:

1. To estimate a start-up capital

Investments are an inalienable part of a startup. Calculate how much money you have to open the business. First, it pays to use your own funds.

It is better to pursue business ideas in 2023 that require minimum investment, rather than to take on a debt from the bank. In fact, the chances are it will even be the case that you will not initially be recompensed.

2. To Make a market analysis

Looking over the top business ideas of 2023, it makes sense to be oriented on current reality and market tendencies. In particular, find out the answers to these questions:

  • What commodities or services have high demand now, and why, or will there be demand for them still in 5–10 years?

  • What level of competition is there in the niche and in your region?

  • How much money is needed? 

You will need to take into account the psychology and level of local clients’ profits, matters of legality, taxes, and any administrative barriers. If you don’t you may well find the idea produces zero profit.

3. To make a business plan

Even if you decide to take up business with minimum investments, you still need to make a business plan. It will allow you to see and estimate risks, which are unnoticeable in a superficial analysis level. Also, it will show how, as a business, you will be recompensed quickly, and what income it will bring in a long-term perspective.

Idea № 1. e-shop

The sale of commodities on the Internet is the most profitable business with minimum investments. So what will advantageously sell in 2023?

  • gift boxing

  • cactuses

  • nuts and dried fruit

  • spices

  • tea from Asia

  • backpacks and bags

  • tableware

  • children's food

With commodities for resale, it is advantageous to buy in China from wholesale suppliers. For this purpose, it is possible to use websites such as AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao etc. A business variant with minimum investments — dropshipping. In such a case, you do not buy a commodity from a supplier, but order after pre-payment from the customer and bear responsibility.

Idea № 2.Vending Business

If you choose vending ideas from America and Asia, it is possible to find a lot of interesting variants that are not yet realised. For example:

  • commodities for travellers: neck pillows, clothing and shoes, headsets;

  • table games;

  • children's designer;

  • bicycle inventory;

  • things for forgetful parents: children's food, nappies, rattles, napkins, etc.

The average vending business brings up to 20% income of the amount of the initial purchase; you only need to accommodate a vending machine in an appropriate location and then regularly keep it stocked.

Idea № 3. Mediation in the real estate and service business

If you are interested in a rapid profit, try to become a mediator. For example, organise salespeople and customers of accommodation, attract investors in startups, or find clients for private specialists: lawyers, accountants, and psychologists.

If you have your own website or blog, participate in partner programmes (also called affiliate programmes). Usually, large e-shops, such as AliExpress, are ready to pay partners 5–10% from the sale of commodities.

Idea № 4. Guidance services

Open an excursion business in a city that has a rich culture, or a region with beautiful nature, such as mountains, lakes, waterfalls, reserves, etc. The cost of guide services starts from $40–$50 for an excursion duration of 3 hours. If you are sociable, able to talk about history (not simply retell facts from Wikipedia), or follow authorial routes, then you will not remain without clients.

Idea № 5. Business in Sport and Fitness

If you have successfully maintained a fit body and abs, share your experience with other people. Currently, there is a demand in niches for the following businesses:

  • personal fitness-trainer services;

  • bodyflex;

  • training is for weight loss or the development of muscular mass.

You can conduct employment and advise clients by Skype and also sell instructional videos on YouTube. As many have already done so, you can read many articles about earnings on social media. If you have a sporting inventory already, an investment will be needed only for promotion.

Idea № 6. Car-care centres and cleaning services aggregator

This profitable business is from Europe and the USA but is only realised in some cities. Aggregators host a website (mobile edition) with a list of accessible car-care centres, complete with services and tariffs. The proprietors of such sites can earn commissions of $1,000 a month.

Idea № 7. Massage salon

If you live in a small town, then a massage salon will become an excellent choice for your own business. Within small cities, there is plenty of demand, and you will be able to take away all present clients to your new venture.

To open a massage salon, you may need a small apartment, at least one table and an experienced masseur. But it is better to set 2–3 tables depending on customer volume and to hire a few specialists, to increase the amount of clients.

It is possible to offer the different types of massage:

  • classic;

  • curative;

  • anticellulite;

  • massage for pairs and others.

If you have clients constantly, you need to not only render high-quality services, but also correctly advertise the salon. Start an advertisement on social networks to create your own groups, regularly renew them and communicate with possible clients. Recoupment of massage salon investments presents at about 4 months; the basic complication consists of the search for skilled masseurs, and bringing in potential clients.

Idea № 8. Small sports nutrition shop

In the category of the best business ideas of 2023, a sports nutrition shop is an easy entry. Today, many people have begun to think about their health more, and to take up sports, visiting sports halls and gyms, for example. Healthy diets are now in fashion, and together with sports they allow for the quick formation of muscular mass; providing a body with the necessary energy for training is essential and in high demand.

To open a sports nutrition shop, it is better to be near:

  • sports clubs;

  • training halls;

  • or even simply in a high-footfall place.

For a start, you will need a space in an area not less than 20 square metres, trade equipment (counters/displays), a cash register and laptop with corresponding account software, and also products for sale. Extending with an assortment of sporting equipment is also possible, this will allow you to increase your income further.

A midway markup in this business is around 50% if you trade independently, which will be able to accommodate a salesman on a salary and taxes. In this case, your investments will be recompensed approximately…

Idea № 9. Banner design and mounting

Another interesting business to start in 2023 with the minimum investments of time and money is the service of making banners and placing them on billboards.

The principle is as follows: you take the contacts of companies that billboards belong to in well-communicating places and then advertise for placing banners on them. Many companies and enterprises place advertisements on billboards, but they do not engage in the process. You take an order, create a layout, print it and pass it on to the proprietor of the advertisement billboard for placing. 

This business can be organised in general without investment. Find data of proprietors of advertisement places on the internet, agree with a designer regarding collaboration, and place suggestions in a network on the internet. When a client appears, lay down the technical tasks for an order, pass them to the designer, then co-ordinate the rest of the process - pass the designs to a printing house, before finally delivering them on to the hoarding company.

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Idea № 10. Tutoring services

Parents are often very busy people, which is why they spare minimum time for their children and do not have spare time as far as teaching lessons. Children, being given the choice, often prefer not to study, but rather sit watching television, playing on a computer, or some other gadget. This is why their level of knowledge at school is not always as expected. To correct this situation, parents will hire private tutors. They pull up a child on the selected programme, prepare them for examinations, help with homework, or take a course in a university.

How to provide similar services?
Firstly, you must understand the subject and have pedagogical education (having said that, education is not obligatory). Secondly, it is not necessary to conduct studying at your home — you can go to the student’s home, or even conduct lessons over Skype or other video apps.

Thirdly, you can not only teach students, but also create course or diploma apps, that can be a real help to those studying a particular subject.

Idea № 11. Consultancy services

If you do not feel drawn to tutoring, but you are an expert on a subject, then you will always be able to offer consultation to people and be well rewarded for it.

Consultants can work in almost any field:

  • Study of foreign languages; 

  • Legal advice, whether from administrative, civil or criminal law;

  • Consultations of psychology or psychotherapy;

  • Consultations of administration of networks, the successful construction of business, their management or other services;

  • Fortunetelling, provision of horoscopes and other paraphernalia. 

Consultations can be conducted both at home and by video link, which will extend the list of possible clients considerably. For the organisation of these and any similar business, you only need a computer and mobile phone.

Idea № 12. Delivery service

As we are now at the height of electronic trade and online orders, delivery services have become an essential part of business. Consider the possibility of creating your own delivery service that will provide reliable and rapid delivery of various commodities.

Idea № 13. AR-tourism

AR-tourism opens up new possibilities for travelling, allowing people to experience unique events and enter into the virtual worlds. Consider the possibilities of recent developments in AR - of tourist experiences or the creation of specialized tourist packages, that will allow guests to enjoy unique walks and historical places using AR technology.

Idea № 14. Playstation club

Gaming has become a popular hobby for many people. Consider the possibility of the creation of a PlayStation club (or other platform), where players are able to gather together, compete in games and enjoy general playing evenings.

Idea № 15. Online dating club

Acquaintances over the Internet became the popular method of becoming a couple. Think about the creation of an online club of high-quality (or high-wealth) acquaintances, for a VIP audience, where clients will be able to find and enjoy confidential and exclusive meetups.

Idea № 16. Financial Consulting

Financial literacy and effective financial management are key aspects for many enterprises and private individuals. Consider the possibility of the creation of a company for financial consulting, to render professional services in financial planning, investment portfolios and financial analysis.

Idea № 17. Aesthetic cosmetology studio

Beauty therapy is always in demand, with clients always searching for these professional services. A good business opportunity is opening a studio of aesthetic cosmetology, offering access to various cosmetic procedures for the improvement of your client’s appearance.

Idea № 18. Dropshipping platform

Dropshipping has become a popular method of business that allows businessmen to sell commodities without the necessity of retaining a physical inventory. Consider the possibility of creating a dropshipping platform that will provide the convenient and rapid processing of orders and supplying commodities.

Idea № 19. Crypto exchange service

With the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, demand has appeared for safe and easy methods of digital asset exchange. Opening of crypto exchange allows users to carry out the exchange of cryptocurrencies quickly, reliably and with minimum commissions.

Idea № 20. Online lottery

Lotteries have always been a popular entertainment of chance and fortune. The founding of online platforms for lotteries allows you to attract wide audiences of players and give the possibility to participate in different enthralling lotteries to them.

Idea № 21. Digital agency

In the digital age, businesses need help to enable them to offer the promotion of food, products and services on the Internet. The opening of a digital agency will allow you to render complex services in website development, content marketing, social media and all other aspects of digital advancement.

Idea № 22. Cosmetic medicine

The growing demand for cosmetic procedures makes room for the opening of new medical centres that specialise in the offering of services of skin treatments and other procedures, that improve the original look and well-being of their clients. It is important to have skilled specialists and modern equipment for the achievement of excellent results.

Idea № 23. Online commission platform

Open a commission shop or online platform for the sale of used goods, which will allow people to find buyers for their no-longer required possessions, and help customers to find quality second-hand items.

Idea № 24. Electronic commerce optimisation service

The offering of specialised services in the optimisation of electronic commerce (eCommerce), the improvement of co-operating with clients and the increase of conversion can become advantageous possibilities for business.

Idea № 25. Personalised wellbeing services

Consider the possibility of creating a business with the formation of your own brand, and registration and promotion of products through social media networks — TikTok, Instagram etc. This includes the realm of the ‘influencer’ and other product introduction services.

Idea № 26. CRM products for taxi services

In the modern world, the taxi industry has undergone significant and considerable changes due to the introduction of information technologies. The development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products can simplify the processes of order, implementation and management of taxis-transportation, providing a service both for drivers and for clients.


In this article of Business Ideas for 2023,  we have suggested to you a number of ideas to occupy yourself, and not to remain without clients or money. If you analyse markets on the whole, you will discover many ideas that now have cost-effective variants, and opportunities to offer services and online trade.

A good small business in the field of production requires large investments, with a long wait for recompense, and a beginner is seldom able to sustain competition with more experienced firms. The choice of a new business idea is oriented not only to the world (e.g., Europe, Asia, the USA) but also to local circumstances.

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3 Important actions to do Idea № 1. e-shop Idea № 2.Vending Business Idea № 3. Mediation in the real estate and service business Idea № 4. Guidance services Idea № 5. Business in Sport and Fitness Idea № 6. Car-care centres and cleaning services aggregator Idea № 7. Massage salon Idea № 8. Small sports nutrition shop Idea № 9. Banner design and mounting Idea № 10. Tutoring services Idea № 11. Consultancy services Idea № 12. Delivery service Idea № 13. AR-tourism Idea № 14. Playstation club Idea № 15. Online dating club Idea № 16. Financial Consulting Idea № 17. Aesthetic cosmetology studio Idea № 18. Dropshipping platform Idea № 19. Crypto exchange service Idea № 20. Online lottery Idea № 21. Digital agency Idea № 22. Cosmetic medicine Idea № 23. Online commission platform Idea № 24. Electronic commerce optimisation service Idea № 25. Personalised wellbeing services Idea № 26. CRM products for taxi services Conclusion

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