Providing a reliable CRM solution to South East Asia's leading real estate platform


Property Scout (Thailand) Co., Ltd

"Bitrix24 is Highly flexible and customizable features and functions, which allow us to manage and track the sales process end to end."


Property Scout is South East Asia’s leading end-to-end real estate transaction platform that makes renting, buying, and selling a home simple and transparent for buyers, tenants, owners and agents.


About one year ago we used a different CRM system, which didn't allow us to implement the automations, functions and features needed to meet our goals on a reasonable price base.


The highly flexible and customizable features of Bitrix24 have allowed us to manage and track the sales process end to end. The mobile app has made great progress since we started, which is crucial to our field work force, where time is of essence. Great plus is the Contact Center, which allows us to connect to many open channels we work with.

Property Scout (Thailand) Co., Ltd and 15 million other businesses around the world have chosen Bitrix24

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