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Bitrix24 is a unified business communication software suite, that provides all the tools necessary for internal communications and communications with your clients are available to you in one place. From instant messenger and emails to video calls and telephony, you have all the capabilities you need for seamless internal communication.

Say goodbye to poor communication with Bitrix24’s business communication software. From instant messenger and emails to video calls and telephony, you have all the capabilities you need for seamless internal communication.

With unlimited users for even the free version, you can connect everybody within your company via a multitude of channels. Communication is one of the milestones laying in the basement of any company. You exchange information, get news, receive feedback, send your work done, check how work is done... It is an eternal cycle, where information flows.

Bitrix24 organizes the flow of communication and makes it consistent, relevant and understandable within its system. Users can easily track a company structure and find people they need, communicate in private chats and in work or project groups, see relevant news, schedule events in calendars, exchange online documents and manage their tasks. In addition, there are unlimited private or groups call and videoconference sessions with a screen share option. These features are free and unlimited and available from pretty much any device (web, PC, Mac, iOS, Android).

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Fast-paced communication with instant messaging

Instant messenger has eased the transition for countless companies into a remote working environment. As an essential part of any business communication software, you can set up group or individual chats depending on your needs. Then you can ping messages back and forth while you work rather than stopping everything for a phone call. This works perfectly for ongoing projects when you need fast responses.

Looking for a little tidbit of information from a few months ago? There is a search function involved where you can type in a keyword and shoot straight back to that part of the conversation.

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Add a personal touch with video calls

Another great feature for remote companies — and international office-based ones — are video calls. Meetings via video call replicate the in-person experience in a way that standard phone calls simply can’t. Hold general company-wide meetings or even your daily stand-ups with Bitrix24’s HD video call software and open up the floor to any questions at the end.

Every video call has a live chat feature if you need to share links or email addresses and you can take notes of meetings and save them in the Minutes section.

But video calls aren’t just for efficient working. You can really bring a remote team together with recurring social meetings.

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Team communication tools for project management

Sometimes the best internal communications software includes non-traditional channels.

Bitrix24’s business communication software comes with project management tools so you can keep all of your project-specific chat in one handy place. Forget lost emails or searching through instant messenger for the instructions and start passing all the information through your project management tool.

Every task is assigned to a selection of people, including a responsible person, participants, and observers. Each of these gets notified of every update, meaning you don’t have to announce each completed action. You can even set up dependencies, so when one task ends, the next is automatically assigned, sending a notification to those who need to be informed.

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Collaboration as communication

Take advantage of another innovative bit of communication software for business with collaborative docs. Rather than sending complicated instructions through your instant messenger, your whole team can edit a document simultaneously. Once you've reviewed the final draft, change the access rights so no more edits can be made and you've got yourself a refined document.

One of the main advantages of collaborative documents in terms of business communication is that you only have one working file. This eliminates the issue of multiple versions of the same doc that can get very messy very quickly. Instead, you can go through past versions of your single document if you ever need to unearth information from the past.

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Bringing it all together: an employee directory

Especially good for people in big companies or new hires, an employee directory is a database with every employee’s profile on it. Search by name or role and find the contact details for anybody you need.

Bitrix24 lets you see if each person is available or not before you call them or send an instant message. And when setting up meetings, you'll be aware of everybody's future availability before you even send the invitation.

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