Free Meeting Scheduling Software With Shared Calendars

Schedule with Bitrix24. Use group, company and personal calendars, tools for project planning. Create chats, groups, make video and audio calls, send emails and mention people in relevant posts. Mobile App is available for iOS and Android. Discover a solution for all your needs!

Save yourself the stress of confusing email streams with Bitrix24’s free meeting scheduling tool. A fast, easy way of setting up meetings for your department, scrum team, or the entire company. All attendees automatically receive a notification, and an event in their calendar upon confirming their attendance.

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What tool is good for scheduling meetings?

Don’t be restricted by a single tool to schedule your meetings. With Bitrix24, you get an agile system that allows you to create meetings from your calendars or from your activity stream. Simply create a new event, choose the date and time, select your participants and send out the invitations.

For more detail, outline a description then choose an administrative assistant and task them with taking notes that you can add to the Minutes section once your meeting is underway.

You can create in-person meetings, choosing a location to share as part of your invitation. However, remote teams can just as easily set up video calls using Bitrix24’s in-built software.

A variety of calendars for personal, departmental, or company-wide use

Visualize your meetings the easy way with different calendars for your different needs. Office managers can share a calendar with every employee and use it for announcements for everybody, while heads of departments can organize their team on their departmental calendar.

You can see the availability of every member assigned to the calendar to help you schedule events. With such versatile meeting availability software, you can quickly set up scrum teams with their own calendar and set their agenda for weeks to come.

For clarity and understanding, Bitrix24’s free meeting scheduling tool allows you to contextualize each event, rather than being overloaded with information spread out across different tools.

Free meeting scheduling tool with automations

Use automation to take the legwork out of your scheduling. Bitrix24’s meeting software allows you to set up repeat events, which works perfectly for weekly meetings or daily stand-ups. The same participants will be invited every time on the date and time you initially set.

You can take your automation further by creating notifications that will ping your employees and remind them about events in advance. These reminders can be adapted to tasks too. Create reminders to call potential leads or current clients and keep your customer relationships sleek and professional.

Videoconferencing for an in-person feel

After creating a meeting on their easy meeting scheduler, remote teams rely heavily on video conferencing software for a smooth-running experience. Whether it’s an informative conference or a deep dive into your next project, video chat and video conferencing tools bring your team together just like an in-person meeting.

Bitrix24’s video chat and video conferencing software is free of charge with Bitrix24, and group chat and instant messaging are both available if you need to share email addresses, links, or anything else you can’t share vocally.

Check availability in your company organizational chart

Decide who you need to invite and see their availability in your organizational chart.

If you’re working in a big company, you might not be 100% on who everybody is, but with Bitrix24, that’s no problem. Need a social media specialist but don’t know their name? Type their role into the search function and you’ll get their profile including their role and contact channels. Crucially, you’ll also be able to see if they’re currently available, and access their public calendars to see if they’ll have time to attend your meeting.

Schedule public or private meetings

Bitrix24’s free meeting scheduling tool allows you to set your meetings as either public or private on your employee calendars. You get full control of permissions and visibility settings so you can keep meetings secret when needed.

For example, talks about mergers and acquisitions that can’t be shared with the whole company until a later date can be set to private. Each attendee’s calendar will mark them as unavailable without going into the specific details of why.

Create meetings within a workgroup

Sometimes you’ll need more than just a calendar for your department. With Bitrix24’s workgroups, you can set up project-specific teams complete with their own calendars and meeting schedules. Not only that, you’ll have a dedicated activity stream, wiki, polls, tasks, and files to keep your team focused.

Adding external users to your meetings

Not all your workgroups are for internal members. Whether it’s B2B projects or working with service providers, you’ll need to use your free meeting scheduling tool to get external contacts involved.

For ongoing projects, we’d recommend setting up a workgroup on the extranet that includes your internal and external contributors. When including providers from outside your company, you can restrict their access solely to the workgroup they are a part of, avoiding any security issues.

All your business tools in one place

With Bitrix24, we don’t just offer an easy meeting scheduler, you get access to all kinds of features that help your meetings run smoothly. There are all kinds of communications tools from video conferencing and phone calls to emails and instant messenger. But it doesn’t stop there.

When working on projects, you can record all your tasks within the project management software and schedule meetings for the workgroup assigned to the project.

Bitrix24 on Android and iOS app

Don’t be restricted to your desktop to manage your meetings. With Bitrix24’s mobile app, you get a free scheduling tool and much more in the palm of your hand. Set up meetings on the go and attend them if they are via video. With the documents feature, you can even take minutes on your phone during the call.

The Bitrix24 app is also fantastic for notifications and reminders. At a glance, you can check your schedule for the day and prepare from wherever you are. Furthermore, there’ll be no more missing meetings through a lack of organization — you’ll get pinged in your pocket at a pre-set time before the meeting itself.

Streamlining your meeting scheduling is just a click away when you register with Bitrix24. It is so easy to set up, and the free version comes with a huge array of tools for teams of all sizes. As you grow, you can upgrade to the Standard or Professional packages for even more capabilities.

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