Small Business Database Software

Effective database software will keep all important company information organized and securely stored. This article, will help you understand the criteria of top-notch database software for a small business.

Database software is digital information storage with an easy interface. You can add data there, edit and analyze it. You can either access information in "raw" form or make the program process it.

Companies use database software to make informed decisions and build efficient long-term strategies. It helps them to optimize their business processes, improve their customer relations and increase their revenues.

Using database software, you can reach any information you need in just a couple of clicks. You can visualize it with the help of graphs and charts and create comprehensive presentations for your staff members. The information that you gather organically during your daily workflow might save you from the necessity to conduct costly marketing research.

How to Choose the Best Database Software for a Small Business?

When selecting optimal database software for a small business, you should consider three types of solutions:

  • Desktop. This is the most affordable type of database software. You will be able to use it alone on your computer. Your staff members will not get access to it.

  • Web-enabled. It is a bit costlier and features web integration coupled with a desktop platform.

  • Server. This is the most expensive type of small business database software. Multiple professionals will be able to use it simultaneously, creating and updating large bulks of information.

Server-based systems are typically the fastest ones. To get certain data, your program will send a query to the server. The server will compute the answer and return it to you. If you will be using a shared-file database, it will be working much slower. Each time you submit a query, the program will be pushing large chunks of data over the network, directly reading the whole data file over the Local Area Network.

Make sure that your small business database software provides enough data integrity. Imagine that one of the apps that provide information to your database suddenly crashes. It should not affect all the other contents of your database. The solution that you choose should have built-in protection against this type of corruption.

In terms of security, on-premise database software is less prone to hacking attacks than web-based solutions. However, it does mean that cloud software is not safe. You just need to make sure that you configure all its settings properly and enable data encryption.

Another important parameter is the ease of maintenance of your database software. Some solutions were not built to handle large projects. For instance, you keep adding information about your customers in your database and you need to filter and analyze it by multiple parameters. If the product that you rely on is not powerful enough, it might take too much time to complete each task. The solution that you purchase needs to be future-proof and ready to adjust to the increasing workflow as your business expands.

Using Bitrix24 as a Free Database Software for a Small Business

Bitrix24 is not exactly database software for a small business. It is a versatile solution that comes in equally handy for startups, mid-scale organizations and large enterprises. It offers unlimited data storage. It will be easy for you to import valuable information from other sources, be it Excel or a CRM. Every card will have an automatic timeline of interactions and will contain all information linked to the particular subject.

Bitrix24 CRM is integrated with telephony, messengers, social networks and email. When you get a call or message from a particular customer, information about it will be automatically added to this person's record in a CRM. If it is a new client and your database does not contain their contacts yet, a new lead will be automatically generated and saved in your database. You will be able to make phone calls and reply to emails right through the CRM. The system will save all your text messages and record your calls as mp3 files.

Bitrix24 is available both in cloud and on-premise formats. You can access your databases from any web browser, from the Bitrix24 desktop app or mobile app (which is available in two versions, iOS and Android). This product has a sleek interface and extremely intuitive navigation. If needed, you can customize access rights for each of your staff members.

Over 9 million companies from all over the world rely on Bitrix24. The sooner you install this functional and reliable database software, the quicker you will be able to assess its multiple benefits.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Free unlimited records
  • Free 5GB online storage
  • Free email marketing
  • Contact center
  • Free customizable fields
  • Free quotes & invoices
  • Free call center
  • Cloud or self hosted (open source code access)
  • Free mobile CRM iOS and Android
  • Free integrations (RestAPI)

Fully Featured CRM

  • Free unlimited customer database
  • Customer history
  • Leads, Contacts, Companies, Deals
  • Multiple customer managers with access rights for each
  • Flexible forms with custom fields
  • Customer birthday reminders
  • Free unlimited product catalog

Unlimited Contact Center

  • Free unlimited client base
  • Leads, Contacts, Companies, Deals
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Websites templates
  • CRM forms
  • Live chat 24/7
  • Multichannel communications

Powerful Analytics

  • Custom reports
  • Dashboards
  • Sales pipeline
  • Sales funnel
  • Expected sales
  • Agent activity reports
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Lead sources (marketing channels)
  • Learn more

Collaboration and Communication

  • Knowledge management
  • Company structure
  • HR tools
  • Project and workgroups
  • Document sharing and processing
  • Configurable access permissions (creation, editing, viewing, publishing)
  • Clocking in/out, time management
  • Unlimited free task management
  • Workload management
  • Calendars and scheduling

For more information about Bitrix24, head over to our training courses. We also have a great YouTube channel that covers every aspect of Bitrix24, from sales and planning to document management and company internal communication tools. To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.

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