Bitrix24 integration with Billable Hours For Tasks

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Vlad Kovalskiy
March 12, 2020
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Bitrix24 integration with Billable Hours For Tasks
Dear Bitrix24 users,

We are glad to inform you that Bitrix24 integration with Billable Hours For Tasks app is now available the Application section of your Bitrix24 accounts or on our website.

This application will save you a lot of time on creating reports and issuing invoices - as now this single app can calculate all the labor costs (time and expenses) for a project.

Here is the list of tasks the app will help you with: 

  • Keep track of both short-term tasks and full-scale projects.

  • Generate reports on the time spent in tasks or issue invoices for them.

  • Receive detailed report on employees from workgroups, companies, deals and tasks or issue invoices for them.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 6.18.19 PM.png

For more information and detailed instruction, please see this article

Best regards, 
Your Bitrix24 team

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