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Allow Access to Your Bitrix24 for Technical Support

Allow Access to Your Bitrix24 for Technical Support
Oksana Bednenko
November 13, 2020
Last updated: November 3, 2020
Dear Bitrix24 users, 

There may be situations when to solve the technical issue Bitrix24 tech support team may need administrative access to your Bitrix24 account. If that is the case, the users will not have to send their personal login data, as there is a special way to provide secure access for the support team. This is how it works.

First, only the account administrator may contact tech support to report a tech issue. The tech support team specialist examines the issue and the account settings first. If the access to the account is needed, they send a temporary access request to the account administrator. Only the account administrator can grant the access. The access is fully secure, and only support team members will have access to your account for an initial period of 7 days, but you can cancel it at any time if you'd like.

In case you don't want to grant the access to your account and deny the access request, the tech support team member will not be able to access your account. In this case the chat will continue, the account administrator will be asked to provide detailed screenshots of the account settings for the support team to examine the issue and suggest changes in the settings that the account administrator will have to configure themselves. This may take more time to identify and resolve the issue.

For details and screenshots, please see this article

Yours sincerely, 
Your Bitrix24 team 

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