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Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway By FullView Solutions

Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway By FullView Solutions
Bitrix24 Team
September 8, 2021
Last updated: September 8, 2021

The article has been provided by FullView Solutions, Bitrix24 Gold Partner in South Africa. Please contact them directly regarding installation or additional details.

Selling online in South Africa, has just become easier with the Bitrix24 online store and the Netcash Pay Now Gateway app. You can now accept multiple online payment methods from your Bitrix24 eCommerce website with the Netcash’s Pay Now Gateway.

Why did we develop this app?

Up to now, the only online payment options for a Bitrix24 Online store was USD based. To avoid sacrificing a part of your profit due to commissions converting from USD to ZAR, Philip Pretorius, FullView Solutions owner and developer, realised the need for a South African Payment gateway for Bitrix24 Online stores.

After contacting various South African Payment Gateways FullView partnered with Netcash for the development of a custom integration with Bitrix24 using the Netcash online payment platform. Now, Bitrix24 online store owners have the ability to offer their clients multiple payment methods using South African Rands in Bitrix24, increasing the likelihood of payment being made.

Best news is that the app is free, you only pay for your transaction costs on your Netcash account, like with any other payment portal.

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