CRM Today 7th Webinar: Analytical Reporting

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Vlad Kovalskiy
July 26, 2022
Last updated: July 26, 2022
CRM Today 7th Webinar: Analytical Reporting
Dear Bitrix24 users,

We are continuing our Webinar series CRM Today with Vlad and Kate! During these series we explain how to implement and use more efficiently Bitrix24 CRM tools.

Our 7th episode is about CRM Analytical reporting. Having CRM system is, first of all, about transparency and accountability. You can track what you do and turn chaotic processes into numbers. Once you have them, numbers can be improved! This time we will show you the basic reports you can have with the CRM system we set up during previous webinars.  

The live event is scheduled for 28th July and you can set the reminder here.

Stay tuned with Bitrix24!

See you there,
Your Bitrix24 experts.

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