Articles 17 Best Quillbot Alternatives for AI Writing in 2024

17 Best Quillbot Alternatives for AI Writing in 2024

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Vlad Kovalskiy
19 min
Updated: June 5, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: June 5, 2024
17 Best Quillbot Alternatives for AI Writing in 2024

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience. Unlike marketing, which focuses on promoting products or services through advertising, content marketing aims to educate consumers about the brand's values, mission, and beliefs.

As someone skilled in marketing or writing, you are likely familiar with the balancing act and switching between contexts. In this paced world, every moment saved is precious.

This is where AI writing tools like Quillbot come in handy. However, what if you find yourself needing more than what Quillbot can provide? Did you know that there is a universe of other options, including free Quillbot alternatives?

A wide range of tools is available to assist you in the content creation process. These tools are designed to enhance your creativity, increase productivity, and add a touch of uniqueness to your work. Importantly, they still ensure that you remain in control of your content.

This article will explore Quillbot alternatives. We will delve into the details of these tools and explore how they can enhance your writing skills and empower your marketing strategies.

What Should be Considered?

Finding the perfect Quillbot alternative is important if you want to save time and money, have access to a natural language processing tool, and generate long-form content. It's crucial to choose an alternative that allows you to create content that you can be proud of while also being adaptable to your needs.

Best Quillbot Alternatives for AI Writing in 2024

  • Customization

Look for options that let you customize the tone, style, and complexity of your writing. Machine learning algorithms should be good enough to create online content that can be adjusted with different words via the paraphrasing process for specific needs.

  • Text improvement

Additionally, it's essential to find a tool that offers editing capabilities, including a grammar-checking tool with alternative phrases and nuanced feedback on your content tone, writing style, and structure.

  • Make sure all your needs are covered

Considering a dedicated paraphrasing tool for specific paraphrasing needs, such as professional bios, LinkedIn articles, and social content, can significantly enhance the quality and focus of your written material.

  • Writing style

When considering Natural Language Processing, it is important to find AI content generators that can produce writing that resembles language Capabilities. Automatic rewriting with different tones can be used for each platform accordingly to appeal to the target audience. It also helps with incorporating the brand's messaging into campaigns in a natural way.

  • Existing software limits

A suitable Quillbot alternative should be capable of generating well-structured long-form content. In essence, your AI partner should possess the skills of a writer and function as a paraphrasing tool rather than merely generating words. The ability to write multiple articles can also be a game-changer for bigger teams.

  • User-friendly interface

An exceptional writing tool should offer a user experience and effortless navigation. If you find yourself spending time trying to understand the software rather than focusing on your actual writing, it should raise concerns.

  • Integrations

Look for Quillbot alternatives that seamlessly integrate with tools within your existing workflow. Whether it's your project management tool or the word processor you frequently use, compatibility with these tools is crucial.

Each of these choices brings its style to the table, providing a blend of natural language understanding, customization options, user-friendly interfaces, robust editing capabilities, and effortless integrations. Get ready to delve into these contenders who are equipped to assist you in crafting persuasive content that will make a lasting impact.

The Best Quillbot Alternatives

There is a wide range of tools for you to choose from. The goal is to choose the one that suits your needs best and includes all the necessary features like basic spelling, citation generator, desktop app, and content rewriter.

To help you start, we have prepared a list of writing platforms. Some of these Quillbot alternatives have a completely free version as well.

CoPilot by Bitrix24

CoPilot is a new AI-powered free Quillbot alternative by Bitrix24 CRM. It is ready to help you with CRM, different tasks, news, emails, or website builders.

You just need to press the button, and CoPilot will cope with all the tasks. Do you need a list of SEO-friendly keywords? A couple of clicks and 

AI engineers from Bitrix24 have made ready prompts and templates for everyday work. It assists employees in saving time on daily tasks and the ones requiring brainstorming ideas as well as campaign creation.

CoPilot records conversations with clients and converts speech into written text. You can instantly access the transcript. Various paraphrasing tools and advanced algorithms will help to come up with a response in an instant.

View all the conversation details by using the text search feature. This transcript proves useful for supervisors as they can monitor employee performance and ensure that all required questions are being asked.

Additionally, CoPilot generates a summary of each conversation highlighting the points discussed. Now, you no longer have to listen to the call – simply review the call summary to refresh your memory about what was discussed with the customer.

CoPilot by Bitrix24

Best Features

  • Help in CRM. Transcribing call recordings is now a breeze, saving time. By opening the transcript text, you can easily locate the information without any hassle.

  • Summarizing. Additionally, creating a summary of each call helps in retaining details and preparing for future conversations. The brief description acts as a reminder of the conversation points. Outlining, the main points can be made with any existing content as well.

  • Help with Chat. This AI-powered assistant creates non-standard ideas for your business emails. It can write text for mailing within 10-15 seconds.

  • Help with Newslines. It can write a summary of your written post or give suggestions for improvement.

  • CoPilot in tasks. Your personal assistant can make a checklist or inspect grammar.

  • AI image generation. CoPilot can generate images for websites or write them as text for lending.

  • Help with email. It can generate selling offers based on your requests. So you can easily create campaigns for months ahead.

  • Leveraging user feedback, we continuously refine CoPilot's features and user experience, ensuring it evolves to meet the dynamic needs of content creators and marketers.


Free trial period. The starter plan costs $29 per month, Professional costs $69 per month, and Advanced – $119 per month.

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It is a project management software that has recently introduced ClickUp AI, an advanced content creation tool powered by artificial intelligence. This remarkable feature serves as an all-in-one solution that helps with brainstorming ideas, crafting copy, refining emails, and condensing texts — all tailored to meet the needs of your department.

What sets it apart is its integration of content creation within project management, including seamless integration with your go-to word processor, enhancing overall efficiency and workflow continuity.

For teams in big enterprises, it provides a solution that promotes collaboration while maintaining a consistent workflow for content development, whether it's your writing or not.

ClickUp AI is the best Quillbot alternative for tasks such as content research, generating ideas, checking grammar, editing copies, and even automating processes. It ensures that your high-quality content requirements are met through its real-time reporting dashboard, which can be customized to provide an overview of your tasks.

With its range of features and the added convenience of automation, customizable templates, and integration capabilities, ClickUp is a tool for all aspects of your organization and caters to different writing styles.


Best Features

  • ClickUp AI helps in generating ideas and crafting content using a range of research-based tools.

  • You can get a real-time reporting dashboard that provides an overview of your work at a level.

  • Save time on tasks with custom and pre-built automation options.

  • It seamlessly integrates with more than 1,000 work apps, ensuring compatibility with your preferred word-processing software.

  • Additionally, you have access to a library of marketing templates that can give your process a head start with long-form content.

  • Enhance the quality of your writing with grammar checking, optimizing writing quality, and summarizing tools that streamline your processes.


ClickUp AI can be accessed by all paid plans with a cost of $5 per month for each member in your Workspace. There is also a Forever option. You can opt for the plan at $7 per month per user or choose the Business plan at $12 per month per user. sets itself apart by focusing on providing context for content creation, making it a preferred tool for creating sales copy, cold outreach emails, blog posts, and more.

It is a Quillbot alternative that also offers an artificial intelligence chatbot with pre-built prompts and the ability to customize the generated content to match your brand's voice and tone. offers a user interface, along with templates that simplify the process of writing. It is also straightforward to navigate.

Compared to AI writing tools, it provides outputs of remarkable quality. Furthermore, includes free paraphrasing tools, offering users the ability to enhance their writing with AI-powered rewriters without the need for signing up or logging in, emphasizing the availability of high-quality paraphrasing options at no cost.

Best Features

  • It can work with various languages.

  • It can create tailored sales content, cold outreach emails, blog posts, and more.

  • There is also a community of copywriters for feedback and suggestions.

  • outputs natural-sounding text, so much so that a naive reader would not know it was written by a computer.


The pro plan is priced at $36 per month.

Hypotenuse AI Writing Tool

Hypotenuse AI is also the best Quillbot alternative for those involved in e-commerce or retail who are seeking an alternative to Quillbot. A practical application of this would be in writing product descriptions.

If you have several SKUs, their AI copywriting software can be highly valuable in rewording and creating content.

Best Features

  • Its comprehensive AI writing assistant does not aid in generating sales copy, product descriptions, and blog posts.

  • It also proves to be a robust tool for rewriting and paraphrasing high-quality content effectively.

  • This tool is user-friendly and relatively new in the marketing industry.


The starting plan costs $29 per month.


WordAi serves as an option for Quillbot, offering an automated rewriting and paraphrasing tool. By utilizing NLP techniques, WordAi comprehends the significance and context of the text, resulting in authentic rewrites.

WordAI is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for unique and engaging content rewrites. While it is pricey, it can be a great tool in the toolbox of content writers, SEO experts, bloggers, and small businesses.


Best Features

  • Utilizes sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) methods to rewrite and rephrase content.

  • Generates text that is both natural sounding and easy to read.

  • Comprehends the underlying meaning and contextual nuances of the given text.

  • Generates mainly plagiarism-free content.


The starter plan is $9 per month, and the Power plan is $27 per month.


Copymatic has gained popularity in the writing community thanks to its user features, and it proves to be a great paraphrasing tool. Writers can make use of a variety of automated editing tools provided by Copymatic to enhance their content.

In addition to helping you generate blog posts within minutes, Copymatic can even generate photos for you.

Best Features

  • Creating content has become easier with the availability of AI tools through a Chrome extension.

  • One notable tool is CopyChat, an AI chat assistant designed to assist in summarizing content.


For users, the cost is $30 per month. For teams of up to 5 users, the monthly price is $50. The enterprise plan allows for up to 25 users and costs $100 per month.


ProWritingAid serves as more than a grammar checker. It also includes plagiarism detection and analysis of sentence structure.

At the same time, it proves beneficial for writing style purposes such as business, creative, and academic writing. If you're seeking more than grammar checking, this tool is an ideal choice.

It helps improve the clarity of your sentences and paragraphs by identifying words or phrases (such as "to") and suggesting alternatives (like "because").


Best Features

  • It provides tools to enhance the structure of your writing.

  • Includes suggested synonyms and stylistic tips in the analytics.


ProWritingAid offers a version as a Chrome browser extension with plans starting at an affordable $20 per month. It can be a free plan, or you can upgrade for $20 per month and gain lifetime access for $399.


If you're looking for an efficient solution that combines SEO research and AI-driven content creation, Frase is the way to go. Frase is one of the best content optimization & AI writing tools.

Its unique feature set makes it well-suited to content creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It's also a great fit for teams.

What sets Frase apart from tools, such as Quillbot, is its emphasis on both SEO and content creation. With its feature to compare and optimize content against the many Google search results, it can truly be a game changer for marketers and writers who prioritize SEO.

Best Features

  • In-depth information on various topics such as blog posts, marketing content, product descriptions, sales pages, and SEO briefs.

  • It optimizes your content to rank higher in Google search results.

  • It's Al writer and content editor uses the power of artificial intelligence to help you to produce high-quality content in a fraction of the usual time.

  • Its SEO tools can help you discover keywords, optimize your content, and rank higher in the SERPs so that you get more organic traffic.


Basic Solo - $15 per month and Team version - $115 per month.


It helps you discover the keywords that, as you already know, can be useful in many ways, including backlinks breakdown and even optimizing PPC campaigns. With Semrush, you can analyze the keywords your competitors are targeting and evaluate their performance.

Moreover, Semrush provides suggestions on related search terms that may be relevant to your competitors' existing rankings. Apart from its SEO platform features, Semrush also offers a writing assistant as a free alternative to Quillbot.


Best Features

  • The writing assistant provides suggestions on how to rephrase or enhance your product description writing or create long-form content.

  • It can be utilized for purposes such as crafting blog posts or refining short snippets of text.

  • Write in multiple languages.

  • To access its features, you'll need to install the Google Docs add-on or utilize it within the Semrush platform.

  • Produce art for thumbnails, illustrations, and ads.


The best part is that the writing assistant has a free plan available.


SEOToolsCentre offers a range of tools that can help with aspects of creating, optimizing, and managing content.

To utilize this tool, simply paste the text you wish to rephrase into the input box. Then, choose the language you are working with from the drop-down menu and click on the Paraphrase button.

Once the tool generates a version of your text, it will highlight any modified words. You can manage these words by clicking on them. This will enable you to see the word along with suggested alternatives.

You can even add your words to the context menu by clicking on the Add button. Once you have completed your revisions, click on the Finish button.

Best Features

  • This tool supports a variety of languages, including English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Indonesian.


The software has a free version available.

There's another tool called that allows you to rephrase up to 600 words in one go. It offers three options for paraphrasing.

To get started, simply paste your text into the provided box, select your paraphrasing option, choose one of the four supported languages (English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese), and click on the Rewrite Now button.

Best Features

  • Once the text has been paraphrased, you'll notice that any changed words are highlighted in green.

  • You can click on each highlighted word to see synonyms and select the one you prefer.




Jasper, the AI writing tool, is highly regarded for its simplicity and accuracy. It seamlessly integrates with SurferSEO to optimize keywords and Grammarly to ensure correctness.

One of the advantages of using Jasper is its collection of prompts, which streamline and enhance the content creation process, making it more efficient.


Best Features

  • Easily create content using a chatbot that interacts with you.

  • Compose text in different languages.


Creator — the cost is $39 per month with billing. Teams — the price for teams is $99 per month, which is also billed yearly.


It's ideal for individuals who struggle with writer's block or aim to enhance their writing skills. With AI-generated suggestions and the ability to recommend SEO keywords, Writesonic proves to be a tool for content creators and marketers alike.

Best Features
  • This tool provides a way to create and share content using templates and automatic sharing features.
  • It also suggests keywords to enhance SEO optimization, leading to improved search engine rankings for your content.

There are two pricing options: Free or Pro ($13 per month).


Introducing Anyword, a leader in the field of generating content through intelligence. It is renowned for its accuracy and impressive content recommendations.

The AI chat feature possesses natural language comprehension and effortlessly understands user queries, nuances, and context. This capability facilitates precise and relevant responses based on the given context.


Best Features
  • Understands user inquiries, subtleties, and the surrounding context.
  • Tailorable tone and style amplify brand management by ensuring consistency throughout all content.

Starting at $39 per month. For data-driven teams looking for features and capabilities — The data-driven Teams package is available for $79 per month.


Speedwrite is a choice if you're seeking a tool that provides a wide range of services. While the Creative and Smarter options are exclusive to the version, the Standard and Fluency options are freely accessible.

To paraphrase your text using this tool, you can upload it from your computer or directly from Google Drive. Once you have uploaded your file successfully onto the platform's interface, simply select the desired language from the menu.

Click on the Paraphrase button to initiate the process. It is important to note that in its version, this tool has a word limit of 500 words per paraphrase attempt.

However, if you require a higher word count for your paraphrased text at once without limitations or restrictions like this one imposed by the version limit on word count per attempt, subscribing to their version will allow for unlimited word counts without any of such limitations.

Best Features
  • The tool provided by Speedwrite offers a range of features, including a plagiarism checker, DA checker, spelling checker, summarizer, and paraphrasing tool.
  • When it comes to paraphrasing, Speedwrite provides four options.

Starter - $20 per month and version Annual - $11,65 per year.


This AI-powered writing tool sets itself apart by correcting sentences and providing suggestions for word choices.


Best Features
  • Automatically rectifies sentences.
  • Provides word recommendations.
  • Includes an editor, proofreader, tone evaluator, translator, and thesaurus.
  • Write faster with AI suggestions - while remaining true to your unique style
  • Personalize your writing further with statistical facts or even a joke
  • Say goodbye to endless iterations - gain full control of your GenAl creation process

A premium subscription is priced at $9.99, per month when billed annually.


Get access to a collection of templates using Copysmith, an AI tool for creating content. With this alternative to Quillbot, you can quickly turn your ideas for blog posts into crafted pieces of writing.

Moreover, the Chrome extension and informative tutorials make this tool extremely user-friendly.

Best Features
  • A range of templates, including product descriptions and Facebook ad templates.
  • Unlimited, High-Quality Content Creation
  • Robust Product Catalog
  • Management
  • Bulk product content generation
  • Integrates with eCommerce
  • Tools and Platforms

Starter Annual – $230 per year and premium version Annual – $490 per year.

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Is content marketing useful for small businesses?

When you create content that aligns with the interests and needs of your target audience, you increase the chances of appearing higher in search engine results. Content marketing can contribute to progress and even financial success, resulting in a boost in website traffic.

Tackle AI-Powered Writing with Quillbot Alternatives

There are completely free Quillbot alternatives available that offer AI-powered writing assistance without any cost, making it easier for everyone to access advanced tools for content creation.

When it comes to content creation, AI assistants have brought about opportunities for everyone. Artificial intelligence provides a solution to writer's block and time constraints while also enhancing creativity and productivity.


Nowadays, AI-powered tools can significantly boost your writing process and generate content for you. These tools can help you in creating blog posts, keyword research, social media posts, and blog articles. Powerful tools can generate content based on your own writing or prepare some creative ideas.

Having the ability to rephrase your writing to enhance it is a skill for writers. Utilizing a paraphrasing tool can be extremely beneficial in this process.

Copilot by Bitrix24 is the most useful assistant in CRM as an alternative to QuillBot. While Quillbot is one option, there are online alternatives available that can assist you with paraphrasing without straining your budget.

However, regardless of the tool you select, it is not recommended to rely on it. It should be used as a resource. Always ensure that the accuracy and originality of the paraphrased content are checked.

Although QuillBot is renowned for its paraphrasing capabilities, some users find it inconvenient that accessing and utilizing the Plagiarism Checker and Co-Writer tools requires an upgrade to the Premium version. This discourages users from giving it a try.

Nor does QuillBot lack a variety of features. Its outputs also tend to be of average quality when dealing with languages other than English.

This can pose challenges for users who wish to write and rephrase content in different languages. You can go to the tool from the provided list and try all the features from search engines to creating high-converting content.



Using QuillBot — Is it legal?

Paraphrasing and using a paraphrasing tool is not considered dishonest. This resource helps you save time and discover possibilities to speak with the audience through creating high-converting content.

What is better than QuillBot?

There are many alternatives. You can generate content with the AI-powered tool Word.AI or Jasper. Also, pay attention to Copimatic or ClickUp.

Is QuillBot an alternative to ChatGPT?

QuillBot is an alternative to ChatGPT for paraphrasing your writing process.

What is a similar web to QuillBot?

Powerful tool WordAi is a Quillbot alternative offering an automated tool for rewriting and paraphrasing text. It also can generate content and boost your writing process.

Is QuillBot no longer free?

Game-changing tool — QuillBot offers a free option. However, if you want to unlock the Premium features, there is a cost associated with it.

Can QuillBot detect AI?

The AI detector Originality.AI can accurately detect Quillbot-generated long-form content with a 95% accuracy rate. If the content is paraphrased using Quillbolt, it can still be identified as not human-generated, regardless of whether the original content was copied from humans or created by Chat GPT. Quillbot himself cannot detect AI long-form content.

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