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11 free email marketing tools you should know in 2024

Vlad Kovalskiy
17 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
11 free email marketing tools you should know in 2024

Email usage is at an all-time high especially within the last 2 years or so. Thanks to this, email marketing has become more profitable and fruitful in terms of hoped-for outcomes for companies whose marketing teams have constantly looked for better and more robust email marketing tools. Because of the boom in the usage and interest in email marketing tools, more and more of these online wonders have been showing up everywhere. Every day, more innovations are being introduced to the market, each one with its own merit and helpful benefits for every business.

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Email marketing vs. Traditional marketing

If you want to say hello to the community, get to know your neighbors the old-fashioned way, and introduce your business to them, you can always invite them to a block party that you’ve organized. 

Traditional Marketing

You can also opt to get a truck or van emblazoned with your company logo, cruise around town and give away samples and other freebies. There’s also the option of partnering up with the local government and supporting a cause for a weekend. Keep in mind, however, that these things take a lot of planning and may end up costing you. 

There’s no need to explain that paper marketing takes time, no matter whether they are letters, freebies, or samples. 

Nevertheless, In contrast to what many people think, people., willing to preserve marketing heritage aren't spending their time for nothing. Direct mail marketing has a few main advantages.

Traditional Paper Marketing Pros

  • Direct mail can give good results depending on targeting, compared to an email client. It depends on various market segmentation techniques, such as behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and geographic.

A company selling snow blowers, for instance, doesn’t need to target customers in Florida because there isn't any snow there. They would rather concentrate mostly on Minnesota and North Dakota, with a lot of snow.

  • An email client is a stable solution, but it’s still not popular among prospective clients among the prosperous elderly people around the country, as well as around the world. 

Traditional Paper Marketing Cons

It’s slow and expensive, starting from anything – design, printing, copy, and postal services. Convenient email clients with multiple accounts, modern user interface, landing page builder, and more options are more popular. 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing not only allows you to send marketing tools like infographics, discount flyers, and sales alerts online. Email marketing can also help you manage contact lists, help you gather leads, design and send out captivating emails, and track whether these emails that you send out are being opened or even read. 

For a small startup, a self-maintained email list that you can add to or remove contacts from would suffice. However, as your company grows, you need more of a streamlined process, a more organized means of keeping and tracking contacts, emails, and campaigns. 

Free Email Service for Online Marketing

Another avenue you can explore is online marketing. All you need is a list of leads and then, you’re good to go. Design an email that you can zhuzh up with graphics and colors. 

Email marketing is most helpful for people who prefer reading about the features and benefits of goods and products before actually locking in a purchase. Plus, you have the capability to connect with potential customers, answer their questions, and assist them online.

Email Marketing Tool Pros

  • It’s cheap. One of the least expensive media outlets is an email client. You don’t have to pay rent for an ad in a magazine or time on a TV station. You have an email address, a list of recipients, and a marketing message ready to be sent out. A free email client can give you success if you manage to create the right message and deliver it to the appropriate recipients.

  • It offers analytics. Almost any free email marketing service simplifies tracking of your work’s outcomes. You may monitor information about whether the email was delivered, how frequently the receiver opened it, and whether they clicked on the message. Just a few clicks stand in the way of serious analytics that you can get free of charge with free email marketing services!

  • It delivers fast. All your email messages travel from your screen to the recipient's inbox in seconds. Once there, they interact with the users the way you need it right away. Not to mention that you can simultaneously communicate with thousands or even millions of current or potential clients.

Email Marketing Tool Cons

There’s only one trouble to deal with when you are busy with free email marketing services.

Ah, unsolicited emails. Email management can turn into a burden with them. 

Junk mail, or spam, makes up 14.5 billion of emails sent daily. One thing comes to mind when you have an inbox of junk you don't want to read: “where can I unsubscribe?”

You might send improperly arranged emails to people with the same ease as they can cancel their membership to receive them. You may be completely sure of what you put into your email – the pictures, the slogan, and call to action are all fantastic. That’s your point of view. It does not mean that others share it.

Of course, there are email marketers and email management pros that can prevent this by asking past subscribers what turned them off in a poll. However, it does not always work perfectly – dealing with email clients means dealing with real people. You never know what to expect and have to find more strategies to stick to.

To show you some of the best email clients with an easy to use interface among the best, here are 5 free email marketing tools you should know in 2024.

1. Bitrix24 Email Client

This em client demonstrates how you can get a lot of functionalities and capabilities for free. With Bitrix24’s free email marketing tools, you’re not only able to send out emails, but you’re also able to plug everything into their CRM which is also free so you can create segmentations and craft efficacious email campaigns without the use of codes or outsourced designers. 

Take marketing to another level by being able to connect with customers on Facebook, Instagram, or Google. Create and use multiple accounts for more efficient communication with the clients. It will be your unified inbox where you can get messages from all sources!

This gives you a wider berth for marketing success and won’t have to depend on email open or read rates. 

Bitrix24’s new online email marketing tools also include:

  • The capabilities to send IMs (instant messages) through Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Viber, Telegram, and even SMS. 

  • The best free email marketing tools from Bitrix24 also include free templates that are ready for use, landing page and custom form builders as well as reports.

2. HubSpot Email Client

Hubspot free email client is one of the most popular and best email marketing tools for growing businesses. Their most beneficial feature to help even the most novice email marketer? Their drag and drop editor built in the email builder helps users and creators and comes up with snazzy, professional-looking emails in no time at all! This means you won’t have to employ an IT specialist or even a form designer unless you absolutely have to. 

HubSpot em client also has a CRM that you can use to keep track of your customer lists and contact attempts which is the best choice for the business users. The email feature is automatically connected to the CRM so you have the option to tailor emails based on the customer profile. 

You can also use other features like form submissions and website activity to help you further customize your marketing strategies to the customer’s needs and interests.

3. MailChimp Email Client

It’s one of the best free email clients ideal for small and medium businesses, MailChimp’s free plan allows users to send up to 12,000 emails every month for up to 2,000 subscribers. 

MailChimp’s email marketing automation tools also include:

  • List segmentation;

  • Unified inbox;

  • A/b testing; 

  • Contact profiles. 

Free users have to take note though that the brand watermark will appear at the foot of each email sent out. 

WooCommerce and Magento users will also be pleased to know that they can integrate MailChimp with their e-commerce platforms. You can also use MailChimp and WordPress, as your content management system, together for a seamless operation with Microsoft Outlook. 

If you want to create an email marketing powerhouse and an online team collaboration powerhouse combination, you can integrate MailChimp with Bitrix24.

4. Zoho Campaigns Email Client

The most helpful for scaling businesses, Zoho Campaigns gives you access to functionalities such as A/B testing, as well as reports and templates. Zoho Campaigns is advisable if you’re already using Zoho CRM. It not only makes sense but using tools and software from the same developers and providers. 

You can choose Zoho Campaigns email client  as one of the best free email clients for small businesses. Users might like to take note though that although the free plan has a lot of features and functionalities, most of them have limitations. Unfortunately, there’s always a catch.

You will need to buy a subscription to unlock these limitations and enjoy the full suite of tools.

5. Mailjet Email Client

Encourage and improve collaboration between marketing and development teams with Mailjet email client. It helps businesses optimize the deliverability of each email they send out and support marketing channels that create and nurture customer relationships. Mailjet free email client also has Passport, their drag and drop email builder, that helps you create flawless-looking email campaigns in no time at all. Mailjet’s free email marketing plan allows users to send out up to 6,000 emails per month and 200 per day. 

You can create impactful emails without the need for coding, integrate with tools through the use of their email API, send emails thru Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP relay and use customer management tools and segmentation.

6. SendPulse Email Client

A feature of SendPulse free email is the possibility to make mass and automatic distribution through different communication channels with clients: email, web push, SMS, report, and Viber. With his help, it is also possible to order distributions of transactions and create a chatbot in Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Telegram, and WhatsApp.


Using SendPulse email client, it is possible to build all the processes of email — marketing:

  • to collect the base of clients,

  • to create a letter for distribution through a unified inbox,

  • to send distribution,

  • to get access to analytic geometry.

The em-client service allows creating an automatic chain of trigger reports: depending on what a user does on a website, 2–3 letters leave that unobtrusively push him slightly toward decision-making. In such a chain, it is also possible to include SMS and web push notifications.

If you create a chatbot, it will reduce the load on a helpdesk or sales department.

That yet is in SendPulse:

  • Sectional designer of letters

  • Create a letter in the style of your website using 130 prepared templates. 

Basic template types for letters that are offered by SendPulse em client:

  • Base: a prepared template can be changed according to your aims.

  • News: already sharpened under news distributions. The basic block of letters contains a heading, description, button, and picture.

  • Magazine: includes the blocks of commodities that are represented on the type of "tile".

  • Text: a simple variant that includes text only. It is possible to use it for service notifications, reminders about payment, or confirmations of actions by users.

In any type of template, it is possible to change the blocks placed and add YouTube videos, and buttons to appeal to the action and social networks. It is possible to save in an editor the elements you created and use them in other letters. All letters are well represented on the personal COMPUTER and mobile devices of users. It is possible to look at the prepared letter on different devices to his dispatch.

Send Pulse free email will suit those who gather to send the first email distributions. A free tariff will cover the tasks of novices. An interface is clear and intentional. Useful functions are present for the conduct of email marketing: multichannel, automation, templates of letters, and forms of subscription. There are teaching materials and twenty-four-hour service. Minuses in this service we did not find.

7. Campaign Monitor Email Client

Campaign Monitor email client is popular enough: according to information from the service's main page, it is used by more than two million marketing specialists in 250,000 companies. To influence the distribution of letters through Campaign Monitor, thorough technical knowledge is not needed. Managing is possible even without knowing about, for example, HTML. 

All of this is influenced by templates and the dragging of necessary blocks. Service can be connected to 250 prepared applications and integrations: to a CMS, rendering engine, CRM, or website, for example, Shopify, Google Analytics, WordPress, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Get Feedback, and Zendesk.

Campaign Monitor free email client is not as popular in the home market as Mail Chimp. But the service is quite good, especially for novices: influence is simple, and the functions of the service are enough for effective email distribution. It is possible to name defects like not accessible support and tariffs that are higher than for other business email clients with the same functionality.

8. Get Response Email Client

GetResponse is a Polish service for free email marketing. The platform is accessible in 26 languages, including Russian. Except for distribution and automation services, a company offers an automatic generator of craters for sales and landings. 

There is integration with social networks and an API, a gallery of free images, answering machines for letters, and questioning built into letters. A company is advised by authoritative marketing and internet specialists.


  • Templates of campaigns are the prepared campaigns of sales and lead generation;

  • Templates of letters and landings;

  • Web push notifications;

  • Live chat for direct communication and support of clients;

  • Forms of registration;

  • Answering machine;

  • Analytic geometry;

  • Transaction letters,

  • A/b testing.

The design of the letters in Get Response em client is comfortable and functional. In a sectional editor, choose one of the 116 prepared templates and create a letter, changing the combination of blocks and text and adding the buttons, videos, images, and blocks with commodities. It is possible to use brand colors and types. 

It’s one of the most intuitional email clients. GetResponse has built-in instruments for the analytic geometry of distribution. It is possible to monitor the level of involvement of subscribers and whether they like them. You will know what letters generate sales, registrations, and traffic on a website, and you will also see cliques, openings, errors of delivery, and non-committal answers.

There is a function for comparing campaigns and watching the efficiency of distribution on computers and smartphones. It is also possible to connect to Google Analytics to get the extended data.

GetResponse email client is a popular email marketing service. There are wide possibilities for design, templates, and personalization of letters. It is therefore possible to make colorful and unusual letters. Interface is intentional, all is clear, even to those who have never done electronic distributions of letters. Minuses are a limited time of work for multilingual support.

9. Unisender Email Client

On a free tariff, you can try this email marketing service for automatic and hand free email distributions of up to 1,500 letters to 100 addresses. For registration with this tariff, a map may not be needed.

Onboarding into service and by mail. There is a welcoming chain left on behalf of email marketing specialists, and during the creation of the first postal internet distribution, you are accompanied by the animated internet helper Good Boy.

Unisender advantages

  • It is easy to understand the service, even if it is my first time.

  • It is possible to start SMS distribution;

  • The service supports the distribution of RSS.

  • Templates can be sorted out by subjects (e-commerce, tourism, restaurants, blogs, news, etc.) in the HTML editor in a separate category, templates are distinguished only for e-commerce.

  • Supports investments.


  • An annoying chat

  • System of tariffs 

  • Not Very modern email templates comparing to rapidly developing email clients;

  • Limited possibilities for the independent tuning of automation. To influence a chain, for example, with an abandoned basket, will not work.

10. Mindbox Email Client

Mindbox em client is a platform for the automation of marketing. It is possible to collect data about clients in one window, segment an audience, and create scenarios for different segments. For example, to show a pop-up on one segment of a website and another to offer a personal bonus in push notifications. Among the instruments in Mindbox is a service for email marketing.

In Mindbox there is a visual designer with a set of prepared blocks. It is possible to design letters by means of HTML: to prescribe a code at the tuning of distribution or load a template in an archive or on reference.

A base can be segmented by sex, city, or behavior on a website or in an app. For example, to send letters only to those who bought something last year and professed interest in the category of smartphones in the last month. Personalization is accessible through substitutions. In letters, it is possible to add the names, points, discounts, prices, contacts, and recommendations of foods.

It is possible to create an automatic chain of letter dispatches for all email clients on the basis of scenarios of behavior. For example, to advise the costs of the looked-over commodity about a change, about entering the order point of delivery, or successful payment. In chain lets, besides email letters, it is possible to add other actions, such as the dispatch of push notifications or SMS.

Contacts in her system come from the CRM of the system, from a website, or from an appendix. When you connect Mindbox, the service leads the cards of clients and collects data about all the operations of users on a website. To integrate services with your IT, it is possible to use the prepared modules or API.

If you plan to simply send emails, contacts can be loaded by hand.

11. Sendsay Email Client

Sendsay em client is a service for partially free email marketing. General deliverability, from the date of service, is 99,99. In Send say there are two types of editors: a sectional editor, which allows you to collect a letter from the prepared blocks, and an HTML editor, which allows you to create pleasing letters. 

The prepared templates are accessible under different aims: reminders about the abandoned baskets, holidays, and digests. All letters are adapted both for the personal COMPUTER and for smartphones with different permissions for screens. 

 It is possible not only to put in variables with the name or city of the user but also to recommend suitable foods. Also, the service can choose the optimal time of delivery for every user. A letter will reach them when a recipient with a greater degree of probability will open it.

In service, it is possible to influence triggers and transaction chains depending on the actions of the user. For example, to confirm registration, send order data, or congratulate births on a day.

The reports of Sendsay free email client, besides base birth certificates, are unique: read the letter in seconds and the reason for the non-delivery of the letter time with an error code. 

Also, the service can watch the way users are on a website after a transition from distribution, collect data about subscribers, show distribution on cities and operating systems, and track transitions from one segment to another. All reports can be exported.

Collection of bases. The forms of subscription are accessible. It is possible to create them in a visual editor and show them in the necessary terms: when a user tries to abandon a website or when he finishes reading 90% of a page. Forms are inserted on a website by means of code. The same forms can be built in letters — for example, to sign the users of one distribution on another.

Free email marketing tools

The market is teeming with the best free free email marketing tools that business owners at every line of business and capacity can try and benefit from. Even if you’re running your business from your home, you can have a foolproof email marketing strategy in place using some of the new and best email marketing tools. 

All you need is a laptop, a stable internet connection and a lot of creativity. Even a free email client will do.

There’s never a better time to try any of these free marketing tools. Whatever you choose and whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure you’ll find a provider that will answer all of the items in your list of wants and needs. You only need to sit back, enjoy, and watch your business thrive from here.


What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending promotional emails to potential or existing clients of a particular brand/company. Even if you’re using a free email marketing software, with proper attention and skills, you’ll get better results for your business and more satisfaction for your current and potential customers.

How to do email marketing?

You collect email addresses, create segments based on your marketing needs, and send out emails while tracking their performance (percentage of opened emails, how many people clicked on a particular link, etc.).

What is the definition of an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is basically how you approach your email marketing. It includes things like WHAT kind of emails, WHEN, and TO WHOM you are going to send.

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing helps you turn leads into loyal clients, drive sales, and create long-lasting relationships. Remember that even free email clients can be very effective if you use them properly and patiently.

How to get email lists for marketing?

Typically, you would collect emails from your potential clients on the Internet via online forms. It’s important to get the user’s permission before adding them to your mailing list. All popular email clients offer this option. 

How does email marketing work?

Typically, you would collect emails from your potential clients on the Internet via online forms. It’s important to get the user’s permission before adding them to your mailing list.

How to create email marketing?

Start by collecting email addresses from your potential clients online, create segments based on your marketing needs, and send out emails while tracking their performance (percentage of opened emails, how many people clicked on a particular link, etc.).

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is the process of automating certain manual tasks, including creating mail lists, sending out emails to particular users at a particular moment in time, and so on. E.g., if a user hasn’t used your app for over a month, you can send them an automated email prompting them to come back.

Desktop email clients are very suitable in case if you do not have enough time to control the marketing but want to follow the process at least partially. You’ll meerly get online notifications if something’s goes wrong.

What is an email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a set of activities aimed at promoting a particular brand, service, or product via a series of emails targeted at specific groups of users during the course of a few days, weeks, or months.

What free email marketing software service is best?
The choice is overwhelming. Some of the best, well-known free email marketing services are MailChimp, Sendinblue, Constant Contact, and Bitrix24.

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