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7 Best AI Content Detector Tools

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Vlad Kovalskiy
16 min
Updated: April 10, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: April 10, 2024
7 Best AI Content Detector Tools

AI content generators such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard are trained on vast text and code datasets, which enable them to generate texts in various styles, translate languages, and write creative content that mimics human writing. On the other hand, AI detector tools help distinguish between human written work and those generated by an AI. These are designed to scan AI writing for certain patterns or attributes that indicate the given content was written by an AI, such as a limited sentence length variation and some particular words commonly used in AI detectors.

Given that AI technology constantly advances, it may develop more advanced AI detector software. In the future, AI detector software may not only identify whether a piece of content has been generated by artificial intelligence but also pinpoint the type of artificial intelligence that made it.

The modern digital landscape requires AI content generators and their counterparts — AI detectors. The best tool for you depends on what you want to achieve and where you are working.

In this digital era, selecting the right AI detectors is essential at a time when originality and genuineness of content matter most, choosing the wrong AI detector can make or break your success.

These rankings are based on internet research, including published claims by the app makers and third-party evaluations; the software ranked was not independently tested.

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List of the 7 Best AI Detection Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have not only positive aspects but also glorious promises. There are also some controversial issues associated with their usage. The most recent of them all is the widespread use of AI-generated texts in education, science, medicine, and other important spheres. They often lack the quality and reliability of an original author’s material. Furthermore, there are doubts about their ethical existence. The problem that arises from this is how to know that content was created by AI. This challenge was addressed through specialized AI content detector services.

1. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is from AI detectors, it is an innovative Best AI tool that combines artificial intelligence (AI) detection with plagiarism checking on a cloud-based platform. It relies on advanced machine learning to detect text created by top AI such as ChatGPT and Bard with high accuracy levels as well as for copied unoriginal content too. By doing so, this two-in-one product successfully validates the overall genuineness.


Sign up for an account and upload or input your text into Originality.AI to analyze text. After uploading it, click on the “Detect” button to start the process of AI detection. Once detection is complete, go through the detailed results to establish any content generated by the AI system.

Best Features

Originality.AI provides an array of convenient reporting options that can be easily shared as required. Text is checked in many ways through its Chrome extension, direct website scanning, file uploads for documents/PDFs, and support for a multitude of languages. The tool seeks to ensure the content is compatible with the broadest possible audience while maximizing report collaboration.


Originality.AI claims to have one of the most precise AI-detecting tools available. It detects AI-generated texts with more than 95% accuracy. The tool is also highly efficient and it can analyze document text quite fast.


Different pricing plans are available on Originality.AI, including free plans meant for basic users. For Originality.AI, Pay-as-you-go pricing starts from $30 for 3000 credits scanned, where each credit scans 100 words. Monthly subscriptions begin at $14.95 for 2000 monthly credits with additional credits at 1¢ monthly. Monthly credits expire at the end of the month.

  • Two-in-one AI & plagiarism detection

  • Detailed reports sharing customization

  • Teamwork process features like multi-user access

  • Further optimization through readability scores to analyze text

  • Restricted capabilities under pay-per-use pricing

  • Concerns by users regarding the accuracy/reliability of AI detection


Originality.AI is from AI detectors, it is an ideal solution for teams seeking to do collaborative work, as it offers features for adding colleagues, sharing results, and accessing scan history. Although the main target group of Originality.AI is SEO agencies and marketers who crave AI-free content, this tool suits everyone who wants to authenticate their content.

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2. Winston AI

Winston AI is a machine-learning cloud-based AI content detection that is designed to identify articles created by AI. This is one of the best AI writing tools used by companies to detect articles written by computers in marketing materials, customer service interactions or any other corporate communication means.


Winston AI is a user-friendly tool and one can easily use it. Users can copy-paste their text into the Winston AI website or upload a file to analyze it with Winston AI. The report generated will show whether there is a likelihood that the text was generated using artificial intelligence and provide useful insights into the authenticity of the text.

Best Features:
  • The service plan allows you to copy/paste text or download it in files of different formats (DOCX, JPG, PNG).

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is able to interpret texts out of images, including handwritten ones.

  • According to developers’ statements, Winston AI has been among the most precise artificial intelligence detectors available: its accuracy level when detecting created pieces stands at 99.6%.

  • Combining Winston’s AI detection with plagiarism detection. The service has an appropriate detector. It also recognizes mixed or paraphrased texts.

  • The platform generates a PDF report with the results of the check. This document can be downloaded and distributed by users.

  • In addition to giving the overall percentage of AI-generated content, it provides detailed scores for each sentence and text readability assessment.

  • Multiple users can be connected to one account by this service.

  • Currently, this service is available in English, German, French and Spanish.


According to Winston AI, it is an extremely accurate tool that detects AI-generated content with a precision of 99.6%. Furthermore, it is a rapid and effective tool for textual analysis. 


The Free Tariff Plan provides a limit of no more than 2000 words per week. The essential plan ($12 per month if billed annually) allows you to evaluate up to 80 thousand words monthly. When signing up for the Advanced plan ($19 per month in case paid yearly), this figure jumps up to 200 thousand words per month.

  • Extremely accurate.

  • It captures almost all AI content, including every GPT-4 text.

  • Has a plagiarism detection feature 

  • Draws attention to AI-generated content

  • Can process handwritten documents.

  • Easy-to-use AI detection interface

  • For some users, the service can be expensive while in the free tier, a user can only have 2,000 words of credits per month and a minimum session of 500 words. Thus, if you consummate 1,600 words, you will not utilize your remaining four hundred for free.

  • Requires registration to use.


Winston AI suits writers, educators, and web publishers who want to identify AI-generated texts within their content. It also works well for students who need to detect plagiarism in their essays.

3. Undetectable is from AI detectors, it is designed specifically to assist in determining the likelihood that the given content was produced by an Artificial Intelligence (AI). Rather than providing a binary answer like most such detectors do (“Is it AI or human?”), goes beyond that into examining the construction, syntax, and style of the text thus ascertaining the probability that it has been composed by an AI.


Ease of use

Users enter their artificial material through a simple interface. By pressing the “Check for AI” button, automated undetectability algorithms take over analyzing language patterns in the background.

It is a singular combination of AI detection and humanization of content where there are 10,000 characters per analysis. It uses the most recent models of language to accurately recognize text produced by popular generators like GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, and Claude among others.


Undetectable does not promise to be entirely accurate but asserts that it is the most advanced and accurate AI detection tool. From initial tests carried out by third parties, it may detect at rates between 85 and 95 percent.


A freemium version offers small-scale testing without any text humanization functionality. For wider availability, individual subscriptions start at $5 per month and allow for up to 10,000 words to be analyzed with customizable settings. There are also enterprise-class options beyond standard settings which are available through custom commercial prices on request.

  • AI detection combined with humanization

  • Ability to analyze up to 10000 characters 

  • User-friendly interface

  • Has a plagiarism detection feature 

  • Detects new AI models

  • Pricing could make paid levels unaffordable for AI detection tools

  • Outdated interface graphics


According to Undetectable, the tool is perfect for writers, bloggers, researchers, and content creators looking for artificial intelligence-generated posts or content.

4. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is a cloud-based AI detector tool that deploys machine learning to detect AI-created content. This solution targets AI-generated content in businesses’ marketing materials, customer service interactions, and other forms of corporate communication.

Content at Scale


Content at Scale is relatively easy to use. Users can copy and paste text into the Content at Scale website or upload a file. The tool will then go ahead to analyze the text and give a report as to whether it is likely to have been generated by AI.

Best Features:
  • This tool’s algorithms analyze every bid and tag them with different colors. If green, humans did that job. Sentences tagged red are obviously generated by bots. The yellow and orange text should be restructured to become more active and readable.

  • The system assigns a 100-point score for “humanity” of the text under inspection. The Human Content Score depends on such criteria as predictability, probability, and pattern.

  • The automated functionality for modifying content instantly upgrades its readability and eliminates signs of artificial intelligence generation.

  • The Content at Scale AI detector can detect text produced by different neural nets: ChatGPT, GPT-4 and previous editions, Claude, and Google Bard, among others. According to the manufacturer, its accuracy rating is 98.3%.

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99% AI detection accuracy in AI detection is stated by Content at Scale. However, ZDnet third-party tests achieved only 66% accuracy, which shows a large difference between what was advertised and the actual performance.


Content at Scale’s AI detection comes with no charges thus users are allowed to analyze up to 2,500 characters of text per analysis. This free version can be used for testing basic features on small snippets so that no financial obligation is involved. Additionally, there’s a paid version available for 49 dollars per month.

  • AI content detection Results are presented simply and directly

  • Ability to re-word identified AI-generated text

  • In-depth analysis done within sentences

  • Has a plagiarism detection feature 

  • Incongruousness in rewriting AI texts

  • Vague truthfulness and capturing weaknesses of AI detection rates


Content at Scale AI content detector is a suitable option for companies or organizations whose content contains AI-produced text. It also comes as an advantage for authors who want to counter-check their work against plagiarism or use it to make undetectable writing.

5. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is from AI detectors, unique in their detailed examination of sentences to verify the authenticity of the text with precision. In this way, Copyleaks aids users in differentiating between artificial and human-written parts while also detecting sections that could have been rewritten to hide AI language generator technology using the latest techniques.



Users can either copy and paste the parts of texts they want to be checked into the interface text box or share a URL linking to an online site for remote document scanning. By clicking on it, the automatic checker goes through its detection algorithms highlighting excerpts according to their percentage confidence metrics.

Best Features:
  • The AI content detection developers state that the accuracy rate of these algorithms is 99.12%, while the rate of false positives does not exceed 0.2%.

  • It detects outputs from most of today’s AI systems: ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, Jasper, Google Bard, GitHub Copilot, and many others.

  • During checking it highlights automatic responses as well as human-written ones.

  • Shows a limited amount of free daily checks — lowest for unregistered users — you have to register to increase it.

  • This software comes with an in-built detector for plagiarism, which ensures complete scans. It identifies initial plagiarized or paraphrased AI-generated speeches.

  • Educational institutions, other media, online publications, and various companies are among the corporate clients for which this service is most suited.

  • This detector can check not only texts but also program code. It recognizes the codes generated by ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and other neural networks and alerts when it finds a programmed code under a license.

  • Their total number of languages is well above thirty because they keep adding new ones.

  • API and LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle are available, which allows integration with third-party systems.


The AI detector claims to have 99.1% correct answer reporting rates on AI-generated content with 0.2% false positives


Copyleaks AI detector has an absolutely free option. Subscriptions start at $9.99 monthly and cover 100 credits across two user accounts. The price of their plagiarism checker is $10.99/month. A combination of AI and plagiarism detection costs $16.99 per month in one complete solution. Pricing scales are usage-based, with each credit enabling 250 words to be scanned — spending 2+ credits when exceeding 250-word increments.

  • Sentence-level granularity

  • Detects most major AI models

  • Over 99% claimed accuracy in detecting AI-generated content

  • 30 languages supported

  • Has a plagiarism detection feature 

  • The result after it identifies AI-generated content loading times is slow

  • Partial text exclusion is missing


Copyleaks AI content detector is a great tool for multinationals because it understands 30 languages. Plus, it can analyze source code, which is invaluable to programming and software development teams.

6. Sapling

Sapling is an AI detector tool that helps identify AI-generated content in text. It is meant for personal use by writers to check for any AI-generated content. Though Sapling may not be as exact as some of the other AI detectors listed here, the fact that it’s free makes it an ideal option for these people.


Type text into the box or copy-paste it there to check for any elements of AI in your text. The AI detector improves its accuracy after scanning 50 words. The upper part of the result window will show the overall score and highlight suspicious areas within the text that seem AI-generated. However, this section will indicate particular sentences whose low perplexities indicate that they might have been generated by artificial intelligence (it could be cliché or simple sentences).

Best Features

Through typical use cases and AI content detection platforms, Sapling AI Detector has best-of-breed capabilities in identifying content generated through artificial intelligence. It uses advanced deep learning algorithms to identify texts written using language models such as those produced by other AI writing assistants, grammar checkers, customer service chatbots, proofreading tools, and others like language-based systems.


Scribbr’s testing reveals Sapling to be the most accurate free tool with 68% overall precision. According to its research, Sapling could capture all GPT-3.5 and 60% of GPT-4 content without false positives. The best-in-class at capturing AI text in human-AI mixes. After analyzing more than fifty words, Sapling AI content detection registered an increase in accuracy for its AI detector.


Sapling doesn’t charge you anything

  • Rather easy to use as other AI writing tools

  • It is free, and there is no need to register

  • Not as accurate as some other tools that detect AI-generated text

  • Some users may find the pricing too high


Sapling AI is a Startup, SME, and enterprise-focused AI Writing Software. This is also a good option for those looking for something free.

7. GPTZero

GPTZero is from AI detectors; it is an open-source AI detector tool that can be used to identify AI-generated content within text. To produce predictions with the highest possible accuracy and a few false negatives, GPTZero AI content detection applies multi-step methods. The model detects content from Chat GPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, Bard, and LLaMa models.



No signup is required for an AI content detector; just paste text or upload documents to scan. The experience is frictionless and allows immediate analysis without creating accounts or giving away emails. Copy any snippet that needs validation directly, viewable results are permitted in less than a minute here.

Best Features:
  • The system has a classic interface for such platforms and can use content-generated detection of up to 15,000 characters of text for free. You are also able to upload multiple text files at once.

  • DeepAnalyse™ technology finds content from popular language models like ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, LLaMa, etc.

  • Besides the AI detector, ZeroGPT presents other instruments, including an AI Text Summarizer, AI Paraphraser, AI Grammar & Spell Checker, and Word Counter.

  • Users of this service may use its personal AI chatbot known as ZeroCHAT-4, with the developers boasting that it is more accurate and dependable than the well-known ChatGPT.

  • ZeroGPT AI content detection was performed with an accuracy of 64% in an independent evaluation of AI-generated content. It recognized four out of five GPT-3.5 texts and three out of five GPT-4 texts. The system worked great when searching for paraphrased and mixed content generated through joint efforts of AI and people alike.

  • Like other similar services, it highlights dubious sentences in color and determines the overall “humanity” of the text in percent.

  • There is also support for multiple languages, and there is an API (for paid plans only).


However, tests indicate that the GPTZero AI content detector is not as good as some other AI detector tools listed here. This has a low accuracy score of about 52% it must be said binary judgments limit its ability to be accurate. To label it AI, the tool does highlight as well.


The free version of an AI content detector allows for the scanning of up to 10,000 words per month at 7 times per hour. The Essential mode (costs $10/month) checks up to 150,000 words. The premium plan ($16/month) extends the word cap to 300k with the addition of plagiarism check and unlimited batch processing features. Pricing is designed in a way that it can cater to different use case needs from individuals to enterprise teams.

  • Visually highlights text areas when detecting AI content

  • No signup, just paste the text

  • Great dashboard view

  • Offers unique linguistic statistics

  • Has a plagiarism detection feature 

  • Some false positives present

  • Lacks percentage scores

  • Subpar accuracy levels

  • Yes/no judgments only


GPTZero’s AI content detector capabilities have been optimized for the educational sector through training AI models specifically designed for grading student writing and edtech-authored content. In this current era where machine assistance tools are on the rise, educators can access original content via its dashboard.

How to choose the best AI Detector Tool for your purposes?

This presents a need for dependable AI detection tools in the proliferation of AI writing tools. AI detectors might be helpful as a writer who longs for authenticity, an editor enforcing editorial standards, and an instructor building up academic integrity.

Nonetheless, choosing the right AI detector can be hard because several are available. Your particular needs should be taken into account. This may revolve around individual analysis or massive content moderation. Do you value affordability, advancement features, or incorporating with other platforms? Research different tools and compare them using free trials and demos to determine which aligns better with your workflow and objectives in detecting AI-generated content.

The reliable way to ensure that contents are authentic and not copied is through AI writing detectors for editors, publishers, and educators. In academics, where plagiarism is an issue, this becomes even more important.

The rise of AI technology and AI-generated content has also seen development in AI detection. Being aware of these developments and selecting the most suitable ones will help you navigate the changing world of content creation. Therefore, remember that AI detection is not meant to replace human judgment but to promote transparency so that originality and ethical authorship may thrive.
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