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Best AI Chatbots for 2023

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Vlad Kovalskiy
16 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
Best AI Chatbots for 2023

Are you starting to get tired of ChatGPT? Well, it is easy to understand why you wouldn't be. It's truly amazing how it's helping people with writing coding problems and even game creation. However, it's completely understandable if you want to take a break and explore AI chatbots there. All there are plenty of options besides ChatGPT. Generative AI chatbots have truly advanced the field of AI. These chatbots rely on language models (LLMs) that are capable of producing text that feels just like something a human would write. They can even translate languages, come up with content and provide answers to all your questions with advanced language model.

What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot, also known as an AI writer is a program powered by intelligence that can create written content based on user input. AI chatbots have the ability to create forms of writing, such as rap songs or essays based on user requests. The topics that each chatbot can cover depend on its capabilities, including whether it has access to a search engine or not. Language models are used to train AI chatbots in order to generate responses that resemble language. Some best AI chatbots are connected to the internet allowing them to gather information while others rely on the knowledge they have been trained with.

What to look for in a best AI chatbot

Let’s begin by discussing how ChatGPT operates. ChatGPT is an application developed by OpenAI that allows users to interact with its AI models — GPT 3 and GPT 4. The application takes the prompts you write and sends them to the AI model. The model then processes the prompt using its systems. Returns the results, in a chatbot format, which you can read within the application.

While the application handles features, like saving your conversation history it is the AI model that interprets your input and performs calculations to provide responses. For context, you can refer to analysis of this process.

Many of the applications mentioned in this compilation also utilize OpenAI GPT models. However, even if they employ the engine developers have the ability to provide instructions to customize how the model responds. As a result, you might encounter outcomes when interacting with each best AI chatbot. 

  • Accuracy and responsiveness are factors to consider when evaluating AI chatbots. Currently, most best AI chatbots rely on GPT, which leads to content across platforms. However, there were some instances where the performance fell short. There were only included platforms that can generate language consistently, provide information and facilitate natural language conversation flow.

  • One of the advantages of using ChatGPT is its accessibility. There is no need for complex setup or technical requirements to engage with the chatbot, you can quickly and freely start chatting with it.

  • When it comes to interacting with AI there are methods. However, ChatGPT primarily focuses on interaction through a chat window. With the exception that will clarify all the applications listed here are AI chatbots designed for conversation.

Moreover, it's worth noting that additional features, beyond input and output generation are highly appreciated. These could include support, for languages or even direct internet connectivity.

After conducting research and having interactions with various chatbots there was compiled a list of the top AI chatbots for you to explore. Enjoy your experience — it is confident that you'll have a time trying them out.

The new Bing AI ChatBot

Pros & Cons


  • This chatbot has the citations compared to any other been tested

  • It retrieves the information from the internet

  • Powered by an OpenAI advanced GPT 4 model

  • Additionally, it offers a free AI chatbot image generator. 

  • Provides three conversation styles


  • Not cover all aspects thoroughly

  • Occasionally advertisements can be seen in the search results

  • The number of responses per conversation is limited to 30

  • It may not be the choice for tasks that require creativity

Microsoft has recently made updates to its Bing search engine introducing a feature called Bing Chat. This feature utilizes an Artificial Intelligence model known as GPT 4 developed by OpenAI to provide concise summaries in response to user queries. What sets Bing Chat apart from competitors like ChatGPT and Google Bard is its commitment to consistency and credibility through source citations. Users can even click on footnotes to verify the information or conduct research independently.

However, it's important to note that Bing Chat does have some limitations. It may occasionally provide slightly inaccurate responses. There are instances where bothersome ads appear in the results. Additionally, it functions optimally when used within Microsoft Edge or the Bing mobile app, which might be inconvenient for those who prefer web browsers. The main distinction between a Bing search result and a Bing Chat result lies in their presentation. While the former suggests links for users to explore further the latter offers summaries highlighting the key points of those linked web pages.


Pros & Cons


  • Writing abilities

  • Strong STEM knowledge

  • Hold conversations effectively


  • Lacks depth in insights

  • Tends to make up information

  • Takes things too literally at times

  • Availability can be inconsistent

In the months of 2023, ChatGPT gained popularity capturing the attention of people worldwide within days. The best AI chatbot app is incredibly user-friendly; simply enter your prompt at the bottom of the screen to start a conversation. Each time you receive a response a new entry appears on the left side menu allowing you to keep your conversations organized and revisit them later. If you come across something you can share a link with others so they can join in from where you left off.

Although ChatGPT occasionally produces responses that contain errors (known as hallucinations by experts) it remains at the forefront of the industry for now. It retains information from conversations using it as context to generate accurate outputs, in subsequent interactions. You can give text commands to format and personalize the responses according to your preferences. 

While GPT 3 is already impressive, GPT 4 takes things further. Surpasses its predecessor.

The model has been trained on a dataset resulting in increased flexibility and accuracy, in its writing. It is even capable of predicting the steps when provided with an image. ChatGPT has incorporated plugins into its functionality allowing users to fetch data, execute programs, and utilize third-party services.

ChatGPT enhances the inclusivity of education by eliminating obstacles, for individuals with disabilities and those who are native English speakers. For example, it can verbally communicate responses to students with impairments. It also has the ability to summarize course topics or concepts for students with learning disabilities. Furthermore it empowers students who struggle with typing or using a keyboard to vocalize their questions.

Moreover, ChatGPT facilitates natural language translation for students allowing them to comprehend course materials in a language they're comfortable with. When exams are approaching it supports students in their preparation efforts. It can review their class notes. Emphasize terms helping them formulate well-structured answers to important questions. 

Perplexity AI

Pros & Cons


  • Perplexity Artificial Intelligence achieves levels of accuracy

  • Can be customized to suit specific needs.

  • This platform offers a range of natural language processing (NLP) functionalities making it a convenient and trustworthy tool for accessing information

  • Perplexity AI boasts user navigation featuring an intuitively designed interface

  • Moreover, the platform ensures credibility by providing citations, for the information it presents, empowering users to validate the reliability of the data


  • Not always right and clear information provided

  • Hasn’t Facebook messenger

Perplexity Artificial Intelligence is a search engine that utilizes language models (LLMs) to deliver precise and trustworthy responses to intricate inquiries. It combines OpenAIs GPT 3.5 models, with Microsoft's Bing search engine to condense search results and present users with supported answers, including citations. Although Perplexity AI may have some limitations, such as its sensitivity to the test sets used for evaluation, it consistently empowers users to verify sources themselves whenever it provides answers. With its functionality and user-friendly interface, Perplexity AI stands out as a tool for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient AI-driven search engine.



Pros & Cons


  • It offers a variety of 50 writing templates for you to choose from

  • The platform also includes copy-editing features and a plagiarism checker to ensure the quality and originality of your work


  • Focuses on written text 

  • Steep cost

  • No Facebook messenger

Jasper is an Artificial Intelligence tool that excels in creating types of content. It offers AI templates, for YouTube video scripts, blog posts, LinkedIn profiles, page copy, and more. Recently Jasper Chat has been introduced to join the trend. 

What's impressive is that you can effortlessly transform a conversation into a written document or multiple documents. This makes brainstorming ideas and producing drafts a breeze. When you provide a prompt for an article Jasper Chat will generate the desired output. Even suggest articles on related subjects.

The quality of the output is quite similar when compared to ChatGPT. They both use OpenAIs GPT models. However, when reading the output it seems like the developers of Jasper have fine-tuned it to better suit content production needs. Additionally, Jasper Chat has internet connectivity, which allows for fact-checking, with access to lists of sources.

When you have pieces to publish you might require accompanying images for your text. Jasper also provides an Artificial Intelligence image generation add-on eliminating the need to leave the platform for purposes. These features do come at a cost. If you're heavily involved in producing high-volume content it shouldn't feel overly expensive considering the power and capabilities you'll have at your disposal.



Pros & Cons


  • No Cost Involved 

  • Allows for proper referencing of sources

  • Natural language processing


  • The user interface could be more visually appealing

  • Still in the beta stage

The user interface of YouChat bears a resemblance to the search results page of Google. However, it distinguishes itself by having a tab dedicated to AI chat alongside the tabs for video, news, and image searches. After inputting your prompt and receiving the output you have the option to peruse a list of web search results displayed on the side of the screen. Towards the bottom, you will find buttons that open up Reddit posts related to the topic or maps pinpointing relevant locations discussed. If you prefer ChatGPT simplicity this might feel slightly overwhelming due to the abundance of information, for browsing at a pace.

You have the option to modify the importance that the engine should assign to sources by either upvoting or downvoting them. This functionality, referred to as Apps allows you to explore a selection including known names, like Reddit or TechCrunch. You can then adjust the priorities based on your interests.

Similar to ChatGPT YouChat also provides a chat history feature. Allows you to share your searches with others. If you've been hoping for an AI chat to Bing, from Google it might be worth checking out YouChat.


Pros & Cons


  • There is a range of AI models in Poe including GPT 3 and GPT 4. 

  • This gives users the flexibility to choose from models each with its unique capabilities. 

  • Natural language processing

  • The app also features bots like Sage, which can answer questions Dragonfly, for providing literal responses, and Claude for creative tasks. 

  • This variety of bots enhances the versatility of the application. 

  • Additionally, users have the option to create their custom bots by selecting their AI model and setting specific rules as prompts. 


  • Free AI chatbot usage is limited to one message per day for GPT 4. 

  • Three messages per day for Claude. 

  • However, this might not be enough for users who require access and do not have a subscription.

  • When it comes to creating customized bots there may be a learning curve and some trial and error involved. 

  • This can make the process less accessible, for individuals who prefer an experience.

ChatGPT has the capability to connect with either GPT 3 or GPT 4. There's also Poe, an AI chatbot app that connects with these models as a few others such as Sage, which is great for general questions and tasks. Dragonfly, which offers more literal and controllable responses; and Claude, which excels in creative tasks. One aspect that was founded enjoyable was the bot creator feature.

You have the ability to create your chatbots by selecting which AI model you want as the foundation inputting rules, as prompts from Natural language processing, and then sharing them with others. Personally, I developed a bot that always reminds users to hydrate before generating any output.

Poe provides access to two conversational AI models — ChatGPT and GPT 4. Additionally, there are two bots from Anthropic called Claude Plus and Claude Instant. There's also Sage, which is also based on ChatGPT and Dragonfly, a model that employs an approach compared to the others. You can engage in conversations with any of these six bots as if you were switching between discussions with friends. However please note that it's not completely unrestricted — you are allowed one message per day for GPT 4 and three for Claude. Nevertheless, you have the option to subscribe to Poes Pro service for $20 per month in order to increase this limit.


Pros & Cons


  • ChatSpot seamlessly integrates HubSpot data enabling users to handle contacts, tasks, reports, research, and analytics by using natural language prompts. 

  • By eliminating the need for clicks, within the HubSpot CRM app tasks become more efficient. 

  • User friendly with Natural language processing

  • With ChatSpot users can easily write blog posts. 


  • Since ChatSpot is still in its development stage there might be some stability limitations and the possibility of encountering bugs or issues that require attention. 

  • It's important to note that users may need a bit of time to familiarize themselves with using natural language prompts, which could potentially pose a challenge for some individuals.

The CRM giant is currently developing ChatSpot, which is still in its alpha stage and it shows great promise. This application allows you to connect it with your HubSpot data enabling you to perform tasks.

  • Managing contacts by creating, updating, and adding new tasks

  • Generating reports

  • Conducting research on companies and leads

  • Accessing analytics data for your HubSpot sites

  • Conducting keyword research

What's remarkable about ChatSpot is that it eliminates the need for a cumbersome series of clicks within the HubSpot CRM app by utilizing natural language prompts. These features are the tip of the iceberg. With ChatSpot you can also write blog posts. Publish them directly on your HubSpot website.

To further enhance productivity conversational AI ChatSpot seamlessly integrates with Google Drive to expedite document creation. You can send any prompt directly to a Google Doc or a table of companies to a Google Sheet — all through prompts. As a bonus, while you wait for your output ChatSpot even serves up a few dad jokes. It's like the cherry, on top of an experience.


Pros & Cons


  • Up-to-date information 

  • A variety of different cases 

  • Free trial period


  • Subscription expensive cost 

  • Can't do math examples 

Chatsonic is an AI chat app experience provided by Writesonic. Its purpose is to assist with content creation on a scale from a chat window to your blog or social media platforms. It has the ability to connect to the internet and search for sources while also keeping track of information discussed in each conversation. What sets it apart from its competitors are the features it offers:

  • Voice-to-text functionality allows you to prompt the AI by speaking out 

  • Text-to-voice capability enabling it to read its output to you 

  • Personalizing the best AI chatbots personality gives you the opportunity to engage with a fitness trainer, stand-up comedian, philosopher, or other personas.

  • Generating images using either Stable Diffusion or OpenAIs DALL E

  • A collection of prompts, for creating SEO keywords allowing you to save and reuse your prompts

  • The ability to engage with conversational AI Chatsonic via Twitter and Slack

It's a chat experience, with a feature that lets you connect Chatsonic to Zapier enabling you to access it from any app you're already using.

Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a text editor

  • You can generate content types using templates

  • You have the ability to customize the tone of your content

  • Support for AIDA and PAS frameworks is available

  • Sharing content is simple and convenient


  • Sometimes there might be a delay in generating the content. 

  • Occasionally, you may come across information that requires thorough fact checking. is a platform designed for generating written content, with a focus on copywriting. Similar to Jasper it offers best AI chatbot templates that help in creating content and copy efficiently. You can have a conversation with Chat by on one side of the screen while simultaneously adding the ideas to the text editor located on the right-hand side. Once you are satisfied with the outcomes you can proceed to edit and organize the piece into its project folder. The free plan is quite generous especially if you only require content generation. 


Pros & Cons


  • In the field of machine learning, there are types of learning approaches. 

  • One is supervised learning, where models learn from labeled data to make predictions. 

  • Another is unsupervised learning, where models find patterns and structures in data. 

  • In this approach, the models need to provide expected outputs while also inferring outputs based on unlabeled inputs.


  • Lack of transparency and interpretability

  • Dependent on the use of data and effective training methods

The user interface of AI Chat may not be as refined as ChatGPTs. The results it produces are often quite similar. It offers AI presets that allow you to modify the way the AI functions giving you a sense of tinkering with the underlying settings. To access these presets simply scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on any of them to get started.

The best AI chatbot will present its viewpoint. You can respond by critiquing those arguments. As the conversation progresses the AI will continue to adapt and defend its ideas. AI Disagreement is particularly useful when you find it challenging to make decisions whether with your friends or family. Simply input all the options for a decision you're facing. Let the AI make the choice for you. AI Motivational Coach does three things: assures you that you're not alone; provides a range of strategies to help you overcome tasks and enthusiastically reminds you that "you've got this."

AI Terminal functions as a code tester that allows you to check if your coding is on track. Additionally, there are a few features for discussing philosophy, exploring relationships, or adding a touch of pirate flair to each interaction. There is also an option to subscribe to a paid plan priced at $4.99 which unlocks Genius mode for chat and grants access to image generation credits. Conversational AI Chat is a platform—don't miss out on giving it a try!


Pros & Cons


  • Free for use as one of the best AI chatbot

  • Clean UI and UX

  • Customizable


  • Intermediate skills require 

  • Required to account creating

HuggingChat is a brand chatbot created by the Open Assistant project within the conversational AI company Hugging Face. As stated on their website HuggingChat aims to be an assistant that is versatile, customizable, and efficient, for all users.

At a glance, it's clear that the AI powered chatbots interface has a resemblance to ChatGPT, which isn't necessarily a negative aspect. It feels familiar. Removes any confusion about where everything's located. The homepage is clean and straightforward featuring an icon and a brief description that emphasizes making top-quality AI chat models, for everyone.

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What is the best AI chatbot?

The new Bing AI chatbot stands out as the choice. Despite its popularity, the new Bing Chat is currently undergoing research and feedback collection making it an invaluable resource, for students, writers, and professionals seeking a dependable and free AI chatbot. While occasional capacity limitations may occur, OpenAI is actively working towards launching a version of ChatGPT that will offer response times and uninterrupted accessibility for a monthly fee.

In conclusion

ChatGPT has caused quite a stir inspiring AI powered chatbots competitors to develop their versions. As a result, there is now a range of best AI chatbots that can fulfill different purposes giving you more choices to find one that suits your needs. The market is constantly growing with AI chatbots but not all chatbots are created equal. To help you choose the AI app for your business, there was an analysis of the top generative AI chatbots. Among them, the standout performer is the Bing chatbot. Powered by OpenAIs cutting edge GPT 4 language model it excels in language tasks such as writing, summarization, translation, and engaging in conversations.

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