Bitrix24: The Best Real Estate CRM In UAE
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Vlad Kovalskiy
February 8, 2023
Last updated: April 5, 2023
The real estate market in the UAE experienced strong growth in 2022, which is a trend that's likely to continue into the next year. Saabsoft Technologies - Bitrix24 partner based in Dubai - UAE, has conducted a market survey recently – the results are just in (Infographics)

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Survey (conducted from 31 August, 2022 to 15 October, 2022 ) covered more than 1000 real estate companies (~30% of real estate businesses in the UAE). More than 90% of real estate companies are using Bitrix24 CRM. 25% of surveyed companies shifted to Bitrix24 from other CRM systems between 2021 and 2022

The most popular online tools for real estate

When it comes to lead generation, companies in this sector rely mainly on digital marketing through various online channels. Some of Bitrix24 benefits for real estate companies include:

  • Competitive prices without hidden fees
  • Configurable CRM system with user-friendly interface
  • Smart mobile app
  • Integrations for lead generation (live chat, crm with call center, integration with WhatsApp and other social media channels)
  • No-code landing page builder
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead distribution
  • Business process automation
  • 500+ integration apps

Bitrix24 is suitable for real estate agencies of various sizes, is jam-packed with efficient project management and team collaboration tools.

"Bitrix24 ecosystem is the biggest winner in UAE market in 2022 due to its rich features offered, configuration and customization flexibility and the amazing user-friendly interface along with its smart Mobile App. Bitrix24 CRM is the best real estate CRM of 2022 in UAE." - Saabsoft Technologies.

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