Examples of Effective Calls-to-Action That Work
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Vlad Kovalskiy
May 12, 2022
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Examples of Effective Calls-to-Action That Work

Businesses can use calls to action to encourage their customers to complete the purchase, or sign up for newsletters, or complete a survey, or perform some other simple acts. CTAs enable companies to boost sales, get to know their audience better and strengthen their bonds with consumers. In this article, we'll analyze the best call to action examples that should inspire you to create your own efficient CTAs. We'll pay attention not only to the buttons that feature action verbs but also to the words and visual context that surrounds them.

Sign Up For Weekly Goodies by The Budgetnista

Typically, you would expect to see the word "newsletter" after the verb "sign up". Yet the author of this CTA deceives the expectations of its audience and showcases an innovative way of thinking. Such an approach perfectly fits The Budgetnista's concept because this site is dedicated to managing one's personal finances. This brand's tone of voice resembles friendly recommendations and this CTA sounds genuinely welcoming.

Let's Take This to Your Inbox by Glossier

This CTA is placed next to the image of a model wearing Glossier makeup, which adds a more sensual appeal to the words. The website of this brand is clean with lots of white space. The CTA sounds smart and unintrusive. Consumers are tempted to click "I'm in".

Not Generating Enough Revenue? by 310 Creative

This growth agency enables businesses to boost sales and scale by improving their customer journeys. When a person opens the website, they might fail to know which specific services their company needs. The CTA helps them to book a free assessment to detect the optimal solutions. The primary competitive edge of this CTA is that it's empathic. People realize that the 310 Creative professionals know how to fix their pain points and will be glad to do so.

Be the First to Glow by Heyday

This CTA sounds a bit rebellious, friendly and minimalistic. It's a perfect match for a brand that specializes in high-end facials at an affordable price and without excessive fuss. The CTA is accompanied by a photo of two models with glowing skin. The button below invites consumers to Sign Up and Save — while the second button states No Thanks, I Prefer Full-Price Skincare. This CTA delivers great results thanks to a blend of humor, a discount and visually appealing aesthetics.

Vacation Homes for You and Whoever You Call Family by VRBO

This CTA evokes positive emotions because it features the words "family" and "vacation homes". The text is written in a white font and placed against a dark-blue background which immediately catches the eye. The clickable button encourages you to Discover Your Escape. You start perceiving your upcoming vacation as an adventure and VRBO will be your experienced guide.

Get Endless Entertainment, Live Sports, and the Shows and Movies You Love by HULU

This CTA might seem a bit lengthy at first sight. But its background displays all the different types of video content that this streaming giant offers to its subscribers, so every word here is in its proper place. By clicking the button, the user will be able to benefit from HULU's bundle with Disney at a discounted price. It's a sign-up and upsell in one.

Let Us Send You the Tea, Freebies y Mas by Hija De Tu Madre

By mixing English and Spanish, this apparel brand proves how well it knows its audience. To target the right age group, the designer sticks to a pink-and-white color scheme. The visitors of the site feel as if they were communicating with a friend. This CTA encourages them to leave their emails in the fill-in form to subscribe to a newsletter.

Another superb call to action by the same brand is Enter to Win a Free Jacket. A jacket is a valuable prize. To get it, consumers need to share their phone numbers with the company.

Share Your Knits by Wool and the Gang

This CTA motivates consumers to share photos of their own creations on social networks, accompanying them with the #Woolandthegang slogan. For people, it's an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents. For brands, it's a chance to expand their reach with minimum expenses. In the background, there are photos of customers wearing Wool and the Gang garments. In the corner, there is a photo of a cute dog in a knitted sweater. The combination of the image and the text creates a sense of community and nicely accentuates the primary values of the brand.

Just Dropped! by Tweak It Studio

This two-word CTA creates a sense of urgency. Consumers get curious to check out the new collection of home decor and design items. The clickable button says Personalized Wood Names so that customers understand on which page they will land. It's more creative and appealing than the generic Buy Now.

Remember Everything by Evernote

As soon as a user opens the page, they understand what the product is about and which of their pain points it can fix. The color palette of the page is based on white and various shades of gray, beige and brown which looks calming and reassuring. The contrasting button with the Sign Up words is green, which further emphasizes the fact that this product is a genuine lifesaver.

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Dropbox Works the Way You Do by Dropbox

Such wording lets the user know that Dropbox is a universal solution that can suit any type of business as well as private clients. A simplistic design with a lot of blank space informs the customer that the product is user-friendly and all its features have a great pragmatic value. If you want to borrow this design pattern for your product, you should add catchy colorful accents to it. These accents should help the user to detect the most important information at first sight. The Dropbox team placed the Sign Up for Free words on a blue button.

Get Our Tips Straight to Your Inbox, and Become a Better Manager by OfficeVibe

This brand encourages its customers to subscribe to its newsletter with the help of a slide-in CTA. This banner pops ups when a user is scrolling down a blog post on the OfficeVibe official site. If the person keeps reading the article, it means they're seriously interested in the topic and might be eager to get to know more. The article explains to the reader how they can become a better manager — and the banner delivers the same value. Slide-in CTAs are less obtrusive than their counterparts that popup in the center of the screen and block your access to the rest of the content.

See What's Next. Watch Anywhere. Cancel Anytime. by Netflix

In this call to action, Netflix addresses one of the primary pain points of people who hesitate whether they should subscribe to a service or not. They're afraid it would be difficult to unsubscribe and they might lose money on something they don't need or like. Netflix has placed the Join Free for a Month words on a bright red button whose color matches the color of the streaming giant's logo. Users understand that they will get a trial period at the most lucrative and fair conditions and become likely to click.

Start Selling Today by Square

This is another brilliant example of how a brand can address the pain points of its target audience. Some people might be dreaming of launching their own businesses but they hesitate how to get started with sales. Others might be selling goods already but they would like to boost their revenues. Square made its Get Started button blue. We can see the same color on the credit card that the buyer uses to pay for their purchase in the picture. Such a color scheme creates a direct connection between using Square and making sales. The image and the wording inform users of the simplicity of using the product and its high efficiency.

The Presentation Software for When It Matters by Prezi

This CTA lets the user know that Prezi stands out from all its competitors. To enhance this message, the designer created a minimalistic picture. Against a white background, you can see a tablet with the digital product, a cup of coffee and a small dinosaur. Two blue buttons say Give Prezi a Try and Get Started, respectively. Blue is the color of the product's logo.

Creativity + Logic by Full Bundle

This brand makes clever use of negative space. The background is dark gray but not homogenous: different shades make triangles that point upwards. There are red and blue geometrical contrasts at the bottom. The large words Creativity + Logic are written in white, just as the Our Work words on a small button below. When you click it, you'll be redirected to the page with the brand's portfolio. For Full Bundle, the portfolio is paramount because this company builds online presence for its clients.

Sign Up for Updates About the Issues Facing Wild Cats Around the World — and How You Can Help by Panthera

The clickable button in this case says: Join the Pride Today. Panthera is lucky to be able to use the catchy word "pride", which creates an informal atmosphere and a sense of community. Other brands who can't find a similarly attractive nown for their industry can think of a vernacular that is related to their activities. The design of Panthera's page is very simple. The main focus of attention is the lions in the photo.

Let's Start a New Project Together by EPIC

Compared to other examples from our article, this image features a lot of text: The Crop Trust. Securing Our Food, Forever. Branding, Strategy, UX, Back-End. Visit The Website. But most of these words (except for The Crop Trust) are written in a small font — that's why we get an impression of a clear, minimalistic design. The golden button with the white Let's Start a New Project Together words is located at the lower part of the image where no other design elements can attract the user's attention. The invitation to work together sounds friendly and inclusive. It's much more convincing than the generic Let's Work Together. Potential clients understand that during their collaboration with EPIC, they will appreciate not only the professionalism of this team but also the psychological comfort.

Get Today's Specials Sent to You Now! by Aquaspresso

A popup that appears on the main blog page of the Aquaspresso coffee company repeats the same message three times:

●      Get Today's Specials Sent to You Now! — This is the top line of the popup

●      Please send me today's specials. I love a good deal! — It's the second line of the popup. It's not clickable. It repeats the message of the first line from the consumer's perspective.

●      Send Me Specials Now — is the text on the clickable button. This button is yellow while the rest of the popup is gray with black accents.

Instead of talking about today's specials, the brand could have invited users to try its products. But the noun "special" sounds much more appealing than "product"! The word "today's" creates a sense of scarcity and urgency as well as informs consumers about the fact that the brand systematically improves its product range. When people think that today's specials are better than tomorrow's, they will be more eager to buy them.

Are You Doing Your SEO Wrong? by QuickSprout

This CTA has two advantages. First, it's reasonably provocative. Second, it encourages users to pass a quick test to find out whether they're good at SEO. All they need to do to pass the test is to paste a URL in the empty field. A slide with such a CTA can appear in the middle of a blog post to prevent users from leaving the page. Or, you can place it at the bottom of the page — but please keep in mind that not everyone will read the article till the end. The QuickSprout's CTA efficiently grabs people's attention because no one wants to be wrong. Alternatively, you can formulate your question as "Having trouble doing something?".

Discover a Cocktail Tailored to Your Taste by Grey Goose

These words are placed on a clickable button. They are accompanied by a Play button which hints at the fact that they will be redirected to a page with video content. This CTA is funny and, which is even more important, personalized. Typically, alcohol brands encourage consumers to read their press releases or check their product ranges. Grey Goose in this case is being more creative than its competitors. Other brands can personalize their CTAs by offering consumers products tailored to their industries or that fit their budgets.

Change Your Career. Change Your Life. Make 2022 the Year You Learn to Code. by Treehouse

This CTA helps users to make an important choice by narrowing down the scope of opportunities. Many people are not fully satisfied with their quality of life and would like to change something for the better — but they don't understand which specific aspects of their routine they should target. TreeHouse invites customers to acquire skills that will open new perspectives for them. In such a personalized context, the words Claim Your Free Trial on the clickable button sound much more inspiring than without the context.

Join the Best Free Dating Site on Earth by OKCupid

This example showcases the power of simplicity. At first sight, there is nothing special about it. You need to specify your sexual preferences and gender, using two dropdown menus. Then, you should click the green Continue button that is placed against a blue background. Such a simple form has a huge merit. It hints that you won't need to fill in a lengthy and boring questionnaire to start looking for a partner. On most dating sites and apps, you might need to spend up to half an hour answering detailed questions about your lifestyle, appearance and traits of character. OKCupid goes to great lengths to enable its new clients to start searching for a partner immediately. Its call to action resembles the beginning of a funny game.

Limited Time Offer! Start a Blog Today and Get $297 in Free Blogging Bonuses! by Blogging.org

In this article, we have already mentioned the importance of creating a sense of urgency. This CTA pops up after the user has spent a short while on the Blogging.org home page. There is a timer that counts down from two minutes. It's a highly efficient way of assigning more value to things consumers think are scarce. When the timer stops, the user can type in their contacts nevertheless.

You Have a Vision. We Have a Way to Get You There. By IMPACT Branding & Design

Instead of trying to sell its services, IMPACT strives to educate people. By placing the words What We Do on the clickable button, this company enables its potential clients to find out more about its activities. Unlike most other CTAs from this article, this one lacks an action verb which makes it look twice as intriguing. However, you can add a verb to your button and still produce an identical impact on your audience. For instance, you can say View Our Work or See Our Past Projects.

We Create Memorable Digital Experiences by Huemor

The phrase We Create Memorable Digital Experiences might sound like nothing out of the ordinary. To assess its profound meaning, you should look at the other elements that surround it. The visual is very spectacular indeed. But the most meaningful element is the Launch button below that is accompanied by the words Do Not Press. Of course, users want to press the button to see what happens. This trick is known as reverse psychology and it perfectly fits Huemor's brand voice. Such an approach can deliver impressive results in creative industries.

Feel the Love of the Run with This One-of-a-Kind Tie-Dyed Shoe. We Are Temporarily Sold Out, But More Are on The Way! by Brooks Running

When a company runs out of a popular product, it shouldn't stop promoting it. Instead, it should keep stirring up consumers' interest. Brooks Running starts with convincing buyers that it's indeed a coveted shoe. Then, the company confesses "We are temporarily sold out, but more are on the way!". Finally, they encourage clients to click the blue button that says "Find out when we have more". People who press it will be notified when the shoes are back in stock. Brooks Running masterfully turns bad news into an opportunity to retain customers.

Follow the Magic by Humboldt County

As you open the Humboldt County website, you'll see a mesmerizingly beautiful video. The round button with a CTA is placed in the center and says Follow the Magic. Above these words, there is a bunny's head. Alltogether, it immerses the user in the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Once you click the button, the site will ask you to select the type of vacation that suits you best: Adventurous, Relaxing, Family or Romantic. It's a nice way of employing the gamification principle. You can borrow this idea if your business belongs to the travel of creative industries.

Get There, You Day Belongs to You by Uber

Uber targets two types of users: drivers and riders. That's why the website page is packed with calls to action:

●      The Get There, Your Day Belongs to You words can refer to both riders and drivers

●      For riders, there is a green button that says Start Riding With Uber, Sign Up

●      Drivers should click the Sign Up to Drive button at the top of the page — and next to it, they can read simple and efficient motivation words Make Money Driving Your Car

In the background, there is a video that shows how both types of people can benefit from Uber.

Try Premium Free for 30 Days by Spotify

At first glance, it might seem to you that Spotify promotes its free plan with this CTA. In fact, the company strives to attract more premium customers. First, it uses the word "premium" in the line where it talks about its free plan. Second, the button that enables you to get a free trial is white against a white background. Meanwhile, the button that invites you to a premium plan is green and creates an attractive contrast. If your product is also available in a free and a paid versions, you can consider placing CTAs for both of them on the same page and accentuating the paid version.

Get 15% Off Your First Order by Ugmonk

This is a smart case of an exit-intent popup. It appears when the algorithms of the website detect that the user is about to leave it. They convince the person to stay and complete the purchase in exchange for some perks. The popup at the Ugmonk's website informs the client about a 15% discount and asks them to make a choice: Yes Please: Send Me the Coupon and No Thanks: I'm Not Interested. The former option is green and bright and the latter is gray and dull. There is nothing wrong with being concise and letting users choose between Yes and No. But if you clarify what Yes and No mean as Ugmonk does, consumers might be more tempted to click Yes.

Clothes That'll Travel Anywhere by Madewell

While Ugmonk lets users say either Yes or No, Madewell makes them choose from two variants of saying Yes. As you open the page, the headline reads "I'm Looking For ...". Then, you see the name of the product category: Clothes That'll Travel Anywhere. The first variant of saying Yes is Yes, Take Me There. The second variant is Hmm... What's Next?. If you opt for the latter variant, the site will redirect you to a page with another type of clothing. There, you'll see CTAs as well. Some people might open Madewell's website without knowing what exactly they want. Gamification might motivate them for the purchase even if they weren't planning it initially.

A Monthly Box of Dog Goodies by Barkbox

This brand knows its audience very well. It realizes that customers often purchase its products as gifts. That's why there are two clickable boxes on the page: Get Started and Give a Gift. To leave a message to the company's team, you can click a funny icon with a dog's head on the right part of the screen. If none of the Barkbox team members can attend to you immediately, you'll see a wonderfully creative copy: "Please leave us a message and we'll bark at you as soon as pawsible".

The Company Behind the World's Leading Energy Drink by t.c. pharma

The drink in discussion is Red Bull. You might be surprised to find out that its parent company doesn't bear the same name as the product. The color scheme of the picture is based on various shades of yellow, pink, red and orange — this seems to be the optimal palette for the noun "energy". The font is white. The button that says View Products is bright but blends with the background. The Find Out More button is yellow against a pink background and stands out much more efficiently. The can with the Red Bull drink in the right-lower corner is also yellow. Consider repeating this trick with the palette if you can't afford to be too creative with wording.

View Full-Time Courses by General Assembly

You find yourself on a gray page with black fonts and a simplistic design. You scroll down the list of courses and can sign up for the ones you like. At the bottom of the page, there is a CTA with a yellow Subscribe button. Judging by its location, it must be a secondary CTA. But it grabs your attention better than the courses.

How to Add a CTA to Your Website

Instead of placing a CTA right on one of the pages of your website, you should create a widget for it. You can do it, for instance, with the help of Bitrix24. This software features a CRM that allows you to build widgets. You'll see the following brief information about each widget in the list:

●      Which communication channels it includes

●      Who and when created it

●      Its location on the page

You should click the button that allows you to get the widget's code, copy this code and paste it into your website's template before the closing tag "body".

You can either add a standard widget to your website or customize it. You can modify the location and the design of your widget as well as the communication channels that it offers to your clients. If you don't want consumers to call or write to you, you can add a simple form where your customers will leave their contact data.

Bitrix24 enables you to set the timing for your widget with a call to action. For instance, you might want it to pop up only within business hours or only during a sales period. Besides, we can choose which pages of your website should display the widget. By default, it will pop up on all pages. At any moment, you'll be able to delete the widget with CTA from your website.


Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand how to make the most of CTAs. If you add a widget with a good CTA to your website, it should enable you to retain customers, encourage them to share their contact details with you and boost your sales. An ideal CTA should be creative to such an extent that is acceptable to your industry. It might be a bit provocative or humorous, it should accentuate the value of your product and company and it should be surrounded by aesthetically appealing visuals. To create a widget with a CTA without third-party help, you can use Bitrix24. This software allows you to build top-notch widgets even if you lack coding and design skills.

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